The Ride Towards Menopause

Perimenopause can begin much earlier than many realise. Women can experience symptoms and shifting hormone levels from as early as our forties. Perimenopause differs from menopause in that menopause is a time of low estrogen, while perimenopause is a time of fluctuating estrogen levels. Menopause is considered our second puberty. It involves a significant rewiring […]

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Herbs for Emotional Distress

Herbal medicine has been around since the dawn of time. We have a profound amount of both traditional knowledge and scientific understanding of herbal medicines. Herbs can be a welcome addition to our days, especially the slightly bumpy and wobbly ones! Here are some beauties to help with emotional distress… Skullcap Those who know skullcap […]

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Float Therapy for Anxiety

Float therapy benefits Float therapy is sought out for many different reasons. From sport recovery through to spiritual journeys, the benefits can be vast. In a nutshell, floating can be described as a ‘healing’ modality. Healing of course means different things to different people. Healing can be very physical from tight muscles through to a […]

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Wanna win Vitality Packages? 🤩🎊💟

May is the month to introduce your friends to Saltuary! We’re always hearing how much you think someone else would love to experience Saltuary! Bring them in throughout May, and you could be enjoying our services for free! 💛 We are giving away SIX Vitality Packages valued at $150 each this month! Simply introduce someone […]

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Meet Our Team of Therapists

Meet our team of therapists offering massage, acupuncture and naturopathy! Pema Gyalysen – Massage Therapist Pema was introduced to us through an industry heavy weight! Maggie, who’s been in the natural health industry for multiple decades at high levels was planning on having him work with her (“.. he’s so much more than a massage therapist..”), but […]

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Enzymes – not ‘just’ what you think they are!

Enzymes are the spark plugs of life. They catalyse reactions to make things happen in our body. Many people are aware of digestive enzymes, however the benefits of enzymes go far beyond digestive help. They’ve been touted as beneficial for everything from cardiovascular and joint health, to immune function, to pain and inflammation, anti-aging and […]

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Top herbs for anti-ageing and more energy

It’s no secret that we are major fans of herbal medicine (herbs) at Saltuary! We love mixing up unique, bespoke mixes for individual needs, but we also love simples! Simples, as the name suggests, are not multi-herb mixes, but rather single herbs taken solo for their medicinal benefits. Some of our faves for keeping us […]

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Start Now: Tips for Winter Wellness

Keeping yourself well for winter should start earlier than the official season date change! Consider the following tips, starting from Autumn to keep yourself well throughout winter. Mucous membrane health! Teas such as marshmallow, liquorice and mullein help to moisten our mucous membranes of our throat. A rich layer of our immune cells reside here, not to […]

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5 Key Health Tests for Better Health Outcomes

Ever wondered what your gut’s terrain really looks like? How healthy your mineral balance is, or if you’re overloaded with heavy metals? How about where your cholesterol is really at? Your hormones?.. At Saltuary, we utilise a vast amount of health testing to help optimise your health. Significant enhancements to treatment protocols can be attained […]

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Saltuary’s Top 5 Skin Supplements

Skin help comes in many different forms. At Saltuary, we consider internal and external needs alongside each other. Some of our favourite internal skin supplements include the powerhouse nutrients below. Use them to get you glow on! Fish (and other) Oils Fish oils help to nourish and keep your skin supple, essentially adding moisture from […]

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The Naturopathic Way To Beautiful Skin

Our Skin Our skin is our largest organ.  It’s also a good indicator of our internal health. Imbalances can often show up on our skin, giving clues as to what the body needs. Naturopaths look for these signs and consider the body’s symptoms as its language to communicate with us. Skin concerns are many. From […]

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