Top herbs for anti-ageing and more energy

March 19, 2024
Herbal shot

It’s no secret that we are major fans of herbal medicine (herbs) at Saltuary!

We love mixing up unique, bespoke mixes for individual needs, but we also love simples!

Simples, as the name suggests, are not multi-herb mixes, but rather single herbs taken solo for their medicinal benefits.

Some of our faves for keeping us feeling spritely, energetic, and youthful include:

🌱 Turmeric 🌱

Such a commonly revered herb and for very good reason! Turmeric has a multitude of effects ranging from liver loving, to potent anti inflammatory, cardio protective, antioxidant and more. This is one every household should have as a permanent flatmate regardless of your housing situation! You can cook with it for a bounty of effects. You can also use this as a simple herbal medicine for an even more potent therapeutic punch 👊 Turmeric is a neuroprotective herb, helping to keep that beautiful software in our heads well! It can be a lovely one for premature ageing….. even low level inflammation can lead to ageing. It’s a process known as inflammageing, and turmeric (and other herbal anti-inflammatories) can be very good at halting this in its tracks!

🌱 Bilberry 🌱

Commonly used to maintain eye health, Bilberry helps maintain vascular health keeping veins strong and circulation happy from our twinkly toes through to our beautiful brains. It’s also an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant herb. Bilberry is high in vitamin C, which can systemically support the health of our collagen. Collagen production naturally decreases as we age, so something to enhance its health is pretty welcome by most people!

🌱 Holy Basil 🌱

Like all herbs, a myriad of benefits come from this lovely herb. Holy Basil is known as the ‘Elixir of Life’ – need we say more? 🙂 It confers adaptogenic, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and even anxiolytic effects. What does all that mean? Helps to bust anxiety, decrease inflammation, prevent oxidation (kinda like rusting on the inside) and is a soothing balm for stress.

🌱 Korean Ginseng 🌱

A complete powerhouse! Its key actions include anti-aging, cardio protective, neuroprotective, nootropic (cognition enhancer), immunomodulator and ‘tonic’ (which kinda says it all!). We like to think of ‘tonics’ as ‘heart starters’ – they get everything pumped and energised. Korean ginseng is a beauty if you’re feeling stressed or fatigued. Even if you’re not necessarily feeling fatigued, but would happily have more energy, this may just be your simple!

If you’re keen to go on a herb loving simples journey… come in and chat with us in-store, let us help find THE simple for you 😉

Remember always, that herbs are medicines too! If you are on any medication, always check with a qualified professional before embarking on herbs as they can absolutely cross react!

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