Meet Our Team of Therapists

April 12, 2024

Meet our team of therapists offering massage, acupuncture and naturopathy!

Pema Gyalysen – Massage Therapist

Pema was introduced to us through an industry heavy weight! Maggie, who’s been in the natural health industry for multiple decades at high levels was planning on having him work with her (“.. he’s so much more than a massage therapist..”), but then life took a different route for Maggie and she wanted to find Pema another clinic so she got in touch with us! Pema was born in Tibet, and raised in India. He is a Tibetan Medicine specialist who beautifully bridges Buddhist teachings with Western science. Pema gives a gentle massage, blending remedial techniques through a Buddhist lens. In all of his treatments, he starts by working through the traditional chakra points and focuses on freeing up energy blockages within our spinal column to ensure that everything flows as it should, and then continues on to the rest of our amazing bodes! Pema works with us on Sundays and Mondays.

“Thank you Pema for a great massage session. It was so relaxing that I almost fell asleep a few times! I really appreciate your recommendations for my stiff calves and hamstrings. Thank you!”

Jasmine Mutar – Acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Medicine 

Jasmine is a beautifully warm and gentle acupuncturist. She uses a mixture of very fine needling (its hard to tell if she’s actually inserted them!), cupping and moxa. Moxa is a warming herbal smoke, held close to the skin to shift and bring a deeper flow of energy to an area. She has a huge interest in the field of research, and is keen to further the impact of TCM in this regard. Committed to patient centred care, she enjoys working with people to harmonise mind, body and spirit in her beautifully gentle manner. Whilst she enjoys working with people in pain, experiencing stress, and women health, being an Acupuncturist, she is a great generalist too. Just like most natural therapists, we work with the understanding that everything in the body is connected, so ultimately, whatever you visit for, we cast the net across the whole body anyway!

“I felt ready for bed after Jasmine’s acupuncture! I was soooo relaxed!”

Shiori Fujii – Naturopath and Massage Therapist

Shiori wears 2 hats with us! She is one of our massage therapists as well as one of our Naturopaths! Prior to joining us, Shiori had spent over a decade working at 5 star international spas – something you can absolutely tell after a treatment with her. Its not just a great massage – its all the other little surprises you get, the warm pillows, the aromatherapy on the towels etc. Shiori is newly offering a massage and naturopathy combo! For anyone keen to work on particular areas only (eg stress, insomnia), this is bite sized naturopathy designed for you! The appointment would entail a 60 min massage, followed by a mini naturopathic consult straight afterwards where Shiori could dispense a herbal mix or supplement. This appointment would be 90 mins in total and can be booked now.

“Thank you Shiori for a relaxing yet firm and therapeutic massage. Best massage experience I’ve had so far – your pressure and movements were just right!”

Tiina Hogg – Naturopath

Tiina owns Saltuary alongside her husband James. Tiina hasn’t been consulting for a number of years, but after closing our Wentworth Point centre, its exactly what she jumped eagerly back into! Tiina graduated as a Naturopath in 2005 and has worked here in Australia and also overseas in Thailand at a very fancy wellness spa. Tiina works Thursday evenings and Sunday mornings, but can also be flexible at other times, so if you need a time outside of these hours, please get in touch!

“Tiina beautifully combines her naturopathic knowledge with her kind heart to create an open & safe journey to wellness.”

Lucy Marsh-Wakefield – Massage Therapist

Lucy actually started with us as one of our reception staff whilst studying massage and as soon as she graduated, she switched lanes and has been massaging with us ever since, which is over 7 years ago now! Lucy is well loved by many of you. She can give a strong massage if thats your jam 💪 and is also well versed in deeply relaxing hot stone massage, pregnancy and gentle relaxation. Lucy also offers cupping and has newly introduced facial gua sha to the end of her treatments for those who would like it.

“Thank you Lucy! I will go nowhere else – you are truly amazing! Feeling very relaxed!”

Ray Huynh – Massage therapist

Ray takes great pride in his treatments and after enjoying one, you’ll know this to be true! Ray is wildly talented at remedial treatments and has that rare intuitive gift where he knows precisely when to increase and decrease the pressure to take you to the precipice of falling asleep whilst simultaneously giving you the best from a remedial perspective too. Ray offers cupping, trigger point, myofascial release and dry needling. Ray will be starting his Masters of Chiropractic early next year too – just another lens that he’s able to view the body through. Ray has spent his massage career working alongside many different practitioners including Chiro’s, Podiatrists, Osteos etc. Ray is with Thursdays, Friday and Saturdays.

“That was incredible! Best firm and relaxing massage where you knew the sore points! Definitely going to see you again!”

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