Salt Therapy

Relaxation and easy breathing through salt therapy…

Although a relatively new concept in Australia, salt therapy (salt rooms) have been used throughout Europe for decades. Known as ‘halotherapy’ (‘halos’ meaning salt in Greek), salt rooms offer a natural, non-invasive, drug free, and clinically proven treatment modality for people suffering from skin and respiratory conditions.

The term ‘halotherapy’ refers to the therapeutic use of salt in rooms known as ‘halochambers’. Halochambers are man-made rooms designed to mimic the environment of natural salt mines deep in the earth’s crust. The benefits of salt therapy are numerous and it can be effective in the following situations:

  • General health and wellbeing: May aid immune system; decrease stress and thus improve mood; detoxifying.
  • Improving sports performance: May enhance lung capacity for greater athletic performance.
  • Providing respiratory relief: Helps to decrease mucous congestion allowing for easier, more comfortable breathing.
  • Treating skin conditions: Acts as a natural anti-inflammatory to decrease skin irritation, infection and inflammation.
  • Relief for pregnant women: Natural, drug free & clinically proven way to treat skin and respiratory concerns.

What to expect at Saltuary

At Saltuary, we have a beautiful hand built salt room to relax and enjoy your salt therapy experience. Our salt room provides you with a clean and ambient atmosphere to relax in as you begin to regain and rebalance your health. We proudly built our room using 100% natural building materials, where possible.

Our room is rich in negative ions to benefit your health even further and it’s always kept at a very comfortable temperature. Blankets are also provided for those what want them. A state of the art halogenerator disperses finely ground salt throughout the room’s air. You may experience a minute salty taste on your lips whilst in the room, but apart from that, you won’t really see much as the particles are so small.

Join the hundreds of people who have enjoyed the benefits of salt therapy at Saltuary….


Beautiful place…

Beautiful place that has helped my little one so much with her sinus issues! Katia Fuscaldo-zoffoli


Enjoyed the whole experience

Brilliant experience- staff were really the friendliest I’ve ever experienced in any spa/ beauty/ health related establishment- so happy and willing to help. Enjoyed the whole experience and will be recommending widely. Just excellent. Penny Perry


Such a beautiful special place

Incredible service, such a beautiful special place. The women where amazing and the facilities are of such high quality. I loved my infrared sauna, the salt room and the float tank. An incredible day had!! Peter W



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    Valid for 3 months. Introductory offer for all new and existing customers. * please note, 24 hour cancellations policy.

  • 1 session


    1 month expiry. * please note, 24 hour cancellations policy.

  • 3 sessions


    3 months expiry. * please note, 24 hour cancellations policy.

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