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Meet our wellness experts

Meet the passionate individuals who make Saltuary the holistic wellness destination it is. Our skilled therapists and dedicated staff are committed to your rejuvenation journey. Embodying Saltuary’s commitment to wellness and self-care, our team works hard to ensure that our tranquil haven is your momentary escape from the everyday.

Our founders

Get to know the visionaries who are not only the brains behind the blissful oasis that is Saltuary, but also its beating heart. Find out how their unwavering dedication to wellness and rejuvenation brought this sanctuary of tranquility to life.

Co-owner & Managing Director

Co-Owner & Head Naturopath, Herbalist, Nutritionist

“Having worked both here & overseas, I have treated people from all walks of life. I’ve come to understand that despite our different experiences, cultures & beliefs, that we are all ultimately very similar. As a Naturopath, I look for signs and symptoms of where you may be out of balance and help to re-align you back to good health. I aim to inspire, educate and guide you to your own destination of wellness. A destination, which for everyone is unique and the journey to get there is always different from one person to the next.” 

Tiina Hogg

Our experienced team of natural health specialists

Our experienced therapists bring unique styles, techniques, and personalities, enhancing the professional, personalised care we provide.

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Five Dock

Shop 2, 134 Great North Road 
Five Dock NSW 2046
(02) 9713 8688

Wentworth Point

Marina Square, Shop 203 5 Footbridge Boulevard
Wentworth Point NSW 2127
(02) 9748 0127
(Closing down 23 December 2023)