Tiina Hogg

Co-Owner & Head Naturopath, Herbalist, Nutritionist

Tiina and her husband James created Saltuary 11 years ago. As a Naturopath, Tiina really loves working in the ‘never well since’ area. Those that walk in and say that they’ve not been well since ‘X’ happened… “I love this area, as people walk in with all manner of test results, they’ve seen all sorts of practitioners and tried all sorts of treatments. It means that I get to work through the tapestry of all this history to build a really rich picture to base my treatments on. I love that naturopathy honours body, mind and soul in such a harmonious synergy when looking for the root causes of a person’s ailments. I love that we look under all the stones – even the seemingly unrelated ones when working with clients.”

Tiina has worked extensively both here in Australia and overseas at Chiva Som Resort in Thailand. She has completed many courses over the years, including one through the Institute of Functional Medicine, USA.

Tiina is available now for one-on-one naturopathic consultations.

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