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Salt therapy


Norman King

My name is Norman King, I suffer from Emphysema. It is quite sever as it prevents me from walking anything but short distances (50M) without stopping to catch my breath. It also affect’s my everyday living in other ways, just to peel and slice vegetables and slice meat or anything else that causes me to use physical energy. My Emphysema has got worse in the last 12 months so with my GP and specialist Doctor’s unable to help I sought alternate treatments. I read that Salt Therapy may help my condition. I began my salt therapy, I visited the Saltarium in Five Dock which consisted of a daily session for 45 minutes duration 6 days a week for 1 month. In the first few days I noticed I could walk further after leaving the Saltarium and was producing less mucus. During the course of my therapy I practised my breathing exercises whilst in the salt room. At first I could only hold my breath for 20 seconds, but by the end of the first session doing my breathing exercises this had increased to 45 seconds. In the last week of my therapy this had increased to 90 seconds. I also found that I could actually walk all the way home approximately 1 km. after each session without having to stop to catch my breath. It was not that I was not short of breath but it was not so bad as to force me to stop walking. It has been over a week since I stopped the salt therapy and I can still walk 3-4 times the distance without stopping to catch my breath as I could before the therapy. I feel so much better now and would recommend salt therapy to anyone suffering Emphysema.

Kids salt room



I love taking the kids (4 and 18 months) into Saltuary for some Kids Salt Therapy. They have a great time digging and playing in the salt, making salt angels and burying toys. It’s a perfect wet-weather play place too and sometimes I even get to relax! I love that we all get the health benefits and it’s important for me to introduce my kids to different ways of taking care of themselves.   




I’m a pro at floating. Used to do it all the time, started floating again – love every experience when I float. Each one is different. First time to Saltuary. Love the size and calmness of the salt floatation tank and the energy this place gives. Thank you Saltuary!

Float therapy



Wow! Im a first time floater who’s also 33 weeks pregnant. Came here today with high stress & anxiety & I can’t tell you how good I feel now. Such a surreal experience. Shout out to my friend for the awesome recommendation!

The benefits of a health retreat whilst feeling like a day spa



I love everything about going to Saltuary. The staff are super friendly and always pleased to see you. They’re proactive about sharing current specials, and the most cost effective option for the treatments you’re interested in- which is just another indication that you’re being well looked after. Whether you’re feeling a little run down or just need some “me time”, Saltary gives you the benefits of a health retreat whilst feeling like a day spa. I always leave feeling refreshed, calm, and ready to return to the bustling world outside knowing I’ve done something good for my health and overall well being. I’ve recommended Saltuary to so many friends I’ve lost count, and talk about the benefits I’ve experienced to anyone who will listen! Head in, see Tiina and try it for yourself. You most certainly won’t regret it.  

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