Shiori Fujii

Massage Therapist and Naturopath

With over 15 years’ of experience working in 5-star spas around the world, our Massage Therapist and now Naturopathy Practitioner, Shiori Fujii, has always had a deep connection to nature.

Shiori grew up on her grandparents’ apple farm where she learnt firsthand the ancient wisdom of using plants and foods as medicine. From a young age, instead of reaching for medicine, she would intuitively reach for radish and honey for sore throats, or pickled plums and ginger for tummy aches. It wasn’t until years later, while working at a resort spa in Japan that Shiori witnessed the transformative benefits that her upbringing in nature had to offer.

While working in Japan, Shiori saw just how many clients would come in stressed and tense. The transformations she witnessed after nutritious meals, soaks in hot springs, exercise, and being in nature were powerful enough for her to take up further studies in Naturopathy.

“Witnessing this over and over again made me realise how great the power of nature is and how essential it is for people today. Naturopathy is exactly this kind of a concentrated experience!”

Shiori is passionate about women’s health (PCOS, menopause, period pain, etc.), stress support, and related concerns such as insomnia, digestive issues, and immune dysfunction.

Shiori is now available for both massage treatments and naturopathic consultations at our Five Dock location.

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