Start Now: Tips for Winter Wellness

March 5, 2024
winter wellness with broths

Keeping yourself well for winter should start earlier than the official season date change! Consider the following tips, starting from Autumn to keep yourself well throughout winter.

Mucous membrane health!

  • Teas such as marshmallow, liquorice and mullein help to moisten our mucous membranes of our throat. A rich layer of our immune cells reside here, not to mention it being a potent entry portal for all manner of not so desirable bacteria!
  • We stock teas with these herbs in them, as well as ‘immune’ and ‘throat’ blends. We also stock herbal throat sprays, various lozenges and are always up for making up herbal tonics too 😉

Cod liver oil!

A natural source of vitamins A and D.

  • Vitamin A is a powerhouse nutrient for our mucosal membranes.
  • Vitamin D is actually a hormone, and one that’s important to balance immunity and many other functions including bone health.

Keep stress at bay!

  • If stress is a biggie in your life, make sure you support yourself in this area. Chronic stress will really beat up your immune system. Herbs, whole foods and things like meditation and breathwork can really help your nervous system to settle.
    • Herbal ‘adaptogens’ are the go here and we stock plenty! Come and see us in our dispensary and we can mix up a perfect tonic for you, or buy some of our ready made formulations. You wont know yourself until you start supporting yourself with these beauties.
    • Siberian ginseng, ashwaganda / withania, skullcap, licorice, reishi – there are so many!

Immune supportive herbs.

  • Think echinacea, astragalus, andrographis, reishi, chaga and many others.
    • You can take these preventatively, especially if you are prone to lower immunity. The bonus of a lot of these herbs is they are also adaptogens – woot woot to Mother Nature huh! 😉
    • Definitely take these if you get sick. Herbs are powerful medicines, so come in and talk to us about which ones are right for you, especially if you are on any medications. They can absolutely  interact!


  • Potent gut heath promoters and easily added to the diets. Drink them straight or cook with them. Readily available for purchase or make them yourself. For animal based ones, opt for organic and grass fed only. We stock plenty of different types of broths – powdered, pastes, liquid.

Manuka honey!

  • Keep a ready supply on hand at all times. Simple as that!

Spices and aromatics!

  • Ginger, pepper, chilli, cinnamon, etc
    • Add warming, circulation boosting herbs and spices to your diet wherever you can. Cook with them, enjoy brews like chai, or just throw a cinnamon stick into a green tea for an antioxidant and circulation boost!
    • Consider shots of Fire Tonic – brew your own, or if you’re not that committed, buy ours!  Online Shop Here


  • Infrared saunas give your immunity a boost by mimicking a fever in your body + melting stress away.
  • Salt therapy “calms and cleanses the airways” as we like to say.
  • Acupuncture for boosting and balancing your immune system, or as a treatment for when you are sick. Its our personal go to when our kids are sick – gives the kiss of death to lurgies!
  • Massage moves your lymph around, helping to ‘take some of the trash out’ as such. Plus its another stress melter!
  • Endless array of options for preventative care, with plenty of options for illness and when convalescing.

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