The Ride Towards Menopause

June 2, 2024

Perimenopause can begin much earlier than many realise. Women can experience symptoms and shifting hormone levels from as early as our forties. Perimenopause differs from menopause in that menopause is a time of low estrogen, while perimenopause is a time of fluctuating estrogen levels.

Menopause is considered our second puberty. It involves a significant rewiring and recalibration of our brain, and includes an effect upon our immune system, which for some can result in autoimmune flares. Issues like thyroid problems and histamine intolerance can also flare up or become worse.

Oestrogen and progesterone, the primary female hormones, have a significant affect on our brains, as does stress! Stress can play a vast role in the severity of our symptoms – think hot sweats, depression, weight gain, migraines, anxiety, etc.

Another common concern for women approaching menopause is weight gain, specifically an inability to lose it no matter what they try! Our body uses our fat cells to create hormones and holds onto these more tightly as as we approach menopause. Many find themselves very frustrated by their efforts (and lack of results) in this area. Without giving the body the right support, fat loss will (mostly) remain an unattainable goal for many.

When these hormones begin to shift, it’s our progesterone (our feel-good hormone) that drops first, leaving behind high (and mostly unopposed) oestrogen levels that we are not acclimatised too. Progesterone counteracts oestrogen up until this time, preventing issues like heavy periods. Our periods are always speaking to us through their symptoms, throughout our whole lives, not just as we head into menopause.

Working with a naturopath can be very helpful at this time. There are many factors that can pop up, including issues like insulin resistance and those mentioned above. A plethora of hormone-supportive herbal medicines exist for our entire life cycle, not just menopause! Supplements like magnesium can also be of great benefit, as can herbs such as chaste tree, sage and many others. The trick is knowing what, when and why – exactly what naturopaths help with!

Booking an appointment with our naturopath may be just the relief you need!

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