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Floating and relaxation

Reduce stress Did you know that just 1 hour of Float Therapy is akin to 4 hours of sleep? Especially great if you travel a lot. Floating is clinically-proven to rejuvenate and restore your mind and body, measurably reducing your blood pressure, heart rate and stress-related chemicals in the body. If you’re feeling the pressure at […]

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How to sleep like a baby..

Getting a good night’s sleep is vital to good health. Its vital for stress reduction, for increasing energy and concentration levels, and for improving memory.  During sleep, our body heals, repairs, detoxifys and ‘sorts through’ the day. Sleep is when your internal ‘admin team’ gets to work and file away the important events of the […]

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Workplace ergonomics & Sympathetic Dominance

According to the 2012 Australian Health Survey, adults in Australia spend on average 39 hours per week sedentary, with close to 10 of these hours sitting down at work. People working in administration, clerical and business roles are amongst the most affected, spending on average 22 hours per week sitting down. The human body isn’t […]

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Himalayan salt lamps

Neutralise your work space Did you know that Himalayan salt lamps release soothing negative ions into the air, counterbalancing electromagnetic radiation? They’re a perfect addition to office spaces, which typically have a high concentration of computers, printers, lights etc. Enjoy the numerous health benefits of Salt Lamps at work! Read more here. What are Himalayan […]

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Eat well at work

Boost your productivity Did you know that eating well at work not only nourishes your body, but enhances your work performance, boosting your overall productivity? A recent study by the Health Enhancement Research Organisation (HERO) found that workers who ate healthy meals and exercised regularly had better performance outcomes and lower absenteeism. The HERO study […]

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Five Dock

Shop 2, 134 Great North Road 
Five Dock NSW 2046
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Wentworth Point

Marina Square, Shop 203 5 Footbridge Boulevard
Wentworth Point NSW 2127
(02) 9748 0127
(Closing down 23 December 2023)