Saltuary’s Top 5 Skin Supplements

February 5, 2024
Skin help comes in many different forms. At Saltuary, we consider internal and external needs alongside each other. Some of our favourite internal skin supplements include the powerhouse nutrients below. Use them to get you glow on!

Fish (and other) Oils

Fish oils help to nourish and keep your skin supple, essentially adding moisture from within. Fish oils help to calm inflammation and aid the fatty acid composition of the skin, resulting in softer, smoother skin. Eating seafood is an excellent way to get the good stuff in, and like herbal medicine, you get a multitude of benefits this way too. Think of oysters. They’re a potent shot of natural zinc which helps with hormones and skin, as well as fatty acids, protein etc. For the non-seafood lovers, aim for seeds (think flax seed, chia, pumpkin etc). Aim to buy smaller, fresher batches and keep them in the fridge for longer lasting freshness.
We stock a brand called Good Fish at Saltuary, and these guys measure their levels of things like mercury to ensure they are very clean, and always well below accepted standards. For this month, take 20% OFF all Good Fish products. Check them out at our online store (use code Feb20 for discount) or in house.


Collagen provides the building blocks to our skin (and body as a whole). Collagen is comprised of amino acids that make up different proteins for us – of which skin is a big one! We stock various forms of collagen at Saltuary. We have marine and bovine based powders, as well as internal sprays (coupled with astaxanthin), tablets and even some creams! Collagen is an ongoing buzz word, and rightly so! Hydrolysed collagen refers to the way its been processed – essentially equating to smaller, more digestible / absorbable ‘peptides’ (smaller molecules). Look for wild caught when it comes to marine. In a nutshell, collagen enhances skin elasticity and hydration. It also supports gut health, a vital contributor to gut health.


Zinc helps to form the mesh that holds our skin together. It’s vital for many other internal tasks too. Zinc aids collagen synthesis by way of zinc dependent enzymes to give skin its durability and strength. Zinc rich foods include oysters, eggs, nuts and pumpkin seeds. Acne and eczema are commonly zinc deficiency (but not always!), so test or speak to us prior to supplementing. We offer a quick and easy zinc taste test at Saltuary. You can get this done during our Dispensary hours for $25 on the spot as of next week. You’ll find our Naturopaths in our Dispensary on Tuesdays (11.50 – 1.50pm), Thursdays (3.30 – 6pm) and Sundays (12.15 – 2.15pm).

Vitamin C

A superhero beauty nutrient, loved both internally and externally. Vitamin C stimulates collagen synthesis and is also a potent antioxidant. Healthy levels of vitamin C help to combat signs of UV light exposure. Studes show that it packs an even more powerful skin loving punch when combined with vitamin E (another antioxidant and skin boosting gem). You’ll find both in Juniper Organic Skincare’s Vitamin C Night Serum – our other monthly special at 20% OFF throughout Feb available in store on at our online store (use code Feb20 to apply discount).


A lesser known one, but one you’ll do well to get acquainted with. Astaxanthin is not just a hard word to say – it’s also a powerful natural carotenoid from microalgae. Its known as the King of Carotenoids. Microalgae produce it as a defence mechanism against the harsh environments they live in. Astaxanthin is renowned as an internal sunscreen of sorts for its potent antioxidant activity, its ability to protect against UV and its anti-inflammatory effects. It also aids collagen synthesis and supports skin hydration. Internally and topically, you’ll want this one as your BFF. Saltuary stocks supplemental forms of this.
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