Benefits of Acupuncture

March 7, 2024

With Jasmine Mutar joining us as a very warm hearted and talented acupuncturist, we thought we’d revisit this age old treatment modality and discuss its vast array of benefits of acupuncture.

Acupuncture is a system of healthcare originating in China that’s been used for well over 2000 years. Often used as a primary form of healthcare in many Eastern countries, its also gained its rightful standing amongst Western medical treatments, with many practitioners referring clients for it. Acupuncture can be used as a stand alone treatment or as a complimentary one for a huge range of other treatments and needs.

Acupuncture uses very fine needles to stimulate and balance the body’s chi – our vitality, or our ‘life force’. It works on the premise that energy runs through certain channels known as meridians through our bodies. This energy flow can become blocked, or over or under active. Acupuncture helps to bring this energy back to balance, back to a state of harmony.

Acupuncture doesn’t have many boundaries! It can be helpful for stress, anxiety, sleep problems, gut concerns, skin, hormonal health, fertility, pain – injuries, headaches.. the list goes on. Many people love it simply for the deep relaxation they feel from a treatment.

Babies through to the elderly can be treated, there really are no boundaries with the scope of acupuncture – even animal’s benefit!

It’s not painful or uncomfortable. One should barely feel the needles, if at all. Acupuncture can be used as a stand-alone therapy, or alongside others. It is safe to use alongside medicines too. BOOK NOW with Jasmine.

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