Suffering With Allergies?

April 4, 2018

Food allergies and sensitivities affect more than 20% of people in industrialised countries – thats a massive one fifth of us! By 2050 in Australia alone, this is expected to grow by a whopping 70% to affect 7.7 million of us!

Allergic symptoms including hay fever, allergic rhinitis, eczema, asthma and digestive disturbances impact quality of life for those suffering with them. If that includes you, consider making an appointment with our Naturopath and Chiropractor to work on both reducing your symptoms and enhancing your tolerance.

Guidance and support is key

Our Naturopath will guide you through an elimination diet alongside symptom relief to get you feeling better quickly. Before you run screaming at the thought of an elimination diet, understand that with the right guidance, it’s actually a relatively easy thing to do. It takes time and planning, yes of course, but this is what our Naturopath guides and supports you through. You receive comprehensive diet guidelines and instructions (including recipes). Other factors affecting your allergies will be considered, and a recovery plan made.

Through a functional medicine lens, our Naturopath will work to uncover your triggers and affecting agents. Food sources, environmental triggers, as well as any pathophysiological aspects, including the health of your immune and digestive system will be viewed in detail.

Seemingly unrelated symptoms.. 

Food reactions can be enormous when it comes to allergies. Symptoms commonly linked to food include skin complaints, migraines, joint pains, anxiety and a host of others. Removing these foods for a minimum of 21 days (preferably 28) is recommended. From there, a gentle reintroduction of foods is begun. The aim is to uncover and rid the body of underlying aggravating factors to ease the symptoms and improve your tolerance.

Improve symptoms, enhance tolerance

The health of your immune and digestive system is paramount here. Your immune system comprises your body’s defence force. It is this system which should eliminate any unwanted invaders. When it fails to do so, inflammation becomes rampant and uncontrolled. This results in many of the common symptoms including digestive and skin complaints as well as general fatigue and malaise. Your immune and digestive systems and intricately linked in this regard. The bulk of your immune system rests within your gut, so good health here is paramount also. Both Chiropractic and Naturopathic care can be very beneficial.

Removing triggers and optimising the health and balance of your body can have profound and positive effects upon our lifestyle.

If you’ve been wondering what your triggers are and how you can be free of allergies, make an appointment to see our Naturopath or Chiropractor today!

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