Float Therapy benefits

November 12, 2015

Calm your mind

In today’s fast-paced, tech-focused world, it can be difficult to “switch off” from external stimuli. Being constantly plugged into technology increases our mental and emotional stress, and interferes with our ability to relax. Scientific studies show that deep relaxation techniques boost our overall health, wellbeing and happiness. For the ultimate deep relaxation and destress experience, try Float Therapy at Saltuary!

Recent studies have shown that relaxation, mindfulness and meditation techniques are hugely beneficial to not only our general health and wellbeing, but our daily functioning. If you find yourself feeling sluggish and unmotivated day-to-day, with an increased reliance upon stimulants such as caffeine and sugar, you are most definitely in need of a mental break! Float Therapy is a restorative experience that leaves you in a state of serenity and calm.

Float away in bliss—Sydney’s first dedicated Float Rooms!

Did you know that Saltuary has Sydney’s first ever dedicated Float Rooms? Forget old-style tanks—we have beautiful custom-built rooms for the ultimate deep relaxation experience!

At Saltuary, our Float Rooms are completely private and include a shower and change area stocked with everything you need, including rejuvenating products (shampoo, conditioners, body wash etc) for your exclusive use. We also play gentle music to help you unwind.

If you’ve heard rumours of scary sensory deprivation and total darkness—don’t worry! Firstly, these aspects of Float Therapy aren’t scary at all—it just takes practice.

Secondly, in our Float Rooms, you can dim the lighting to suit your needs, with a soothing salt lamp and starry lights on the ceiling available to switch on/off. Imagine the blissful sensation of floating, completely weightless, in warm, salty water, and gazing up at a starry almost-sky!

Alternatively, you can opt for darkness, healing your body with an all-encompassing sensory “switch off”. If you’re unsure, this can be something you work towards, as you gradually relax into the experience.

Reset your mind with Float Therapy

Float Therapy is rapidly becoming the new go-to de-stress experience. It’s a unique and holistic therapy that resets the mind. Through the gravity-free sensation of floating, your body balances and heals internally, as all senses are restored. Research shows that floating measurably reduces blood pressure and heart rate, lowering the levels of stress-related chemicals in your body.

Floating is also widely-known to soothe anxiety, jet lag and fatigue, as well as enhance concentration and creativity. Many people report having sudden insights, inspiration or even meditative and spiritual epiphanies when floating—particularly after several floats. With each Float Therapy session, your mind and body become familiar with the sensation, meaning you can “let go” of external stimuli more quickly and easily.

Other benefits of floating:

  • Restores 4 hours’ of sleep, reducing fatigue
  • Rehydrates skin, leaving your skin feeling silky smooth!
  • Boosts circulation, bringing fresh nutrients to all parts of your body
  • Soothes old injures/aches, especially backache
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