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Paul Tang

Paul is an experienced Acupuncturist and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) practitioner, using remedial massage, cupping, moxibustion and herbal medicine alongside his acupuncture treatments. He specialises in the treatment of pain, using a unique combination of remedial massage & acupuncture. He’s also passionate about treating women’s health, internal diseases, fertility, depression, anxiety, and all general practice. […]

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Shiori Fujii

With over 15 years’ of experience working in 5-star spas around the world, our Massage Therapist and now Naturopathy Practitioner, Shiori Fujii, has always had a deep connection to nature. Shiori grew up on her grandparents’ apple farm where she learnt firsthand the ancient wisdom of using plants and foods as medicine. From a young […]

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Lucy Marsh-Wakefield

Lucy Marsh-Wakefield is one of our most-loved therapists and has been massaging with us for many years. Lucy believes in the healing power of touch and specialises in a range of techniques that target and relieve tension areas in the body, ensuring that her clients always walk away rejuvenated. She also incorporates cupping into certain […]

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Lissette Alpuin

Lissette is an Integrative Health practitioner with over 15 years of extensive experience. She has strong foundational knowledge in various complimentary holistic healing services, including remedial and relaxation massage, yoga, Reiki, nutrition, supplement management, and health and well-being regulation. Her primary focus as a practitioner has always been to approach each individual with care and […]

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Liz Alonso

Liz is a 20 year veteran of the travel industry. She’d been enjoying floats with us for 8 years when 2021 rolled around. She needed a career change, and we were lucky enough to land her! You’d know if you’ve met Liz.. she’s one of the warmest souls around.

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Margaret Garratt

Margaret has an Advanced Diploma in Nutrition and believes that food should be our medicine, that it should nourish and delight us. She is not a fan of ‘fad diets’ instead focussing on eating unprocessed wholefoods. She cooks most meals from scratch with the help of her Thermomix and is always on the look out […]

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Christina Nostas

Christina is a qualified personal trainer & nutritionist. She loves cooking healthy foods, travelling & adores animals. After returning from her last trip to South America, she says “My travels have allowed me to gain a better understanding of different foods and cultures”. With a background in health and fitness she’s passionate about being active […]

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James Hogg

James is one of the co-owners of Saltuary but you won’t see him don the Saltuary uniform anymore (ask Tiina why :)). James does a lot of the behind the scene work and his passion lies in the business operation and ensuring that Saltuary reaches its full potential.

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Tiina Hogg

Tiina and her husband James created Saltuary 11 years ago. As a Naturopath, Tiina really loves working in the ‘never well since’ area. Those that walk in and say that they’ve not been well since ‘X’ happened… “I love this area, as people walk in with all manner of test results, they’ve seen all sorts […]

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Five Dock

Shop 2, 134 Great North Road 
Five Dock NSW 2046
(02) 9713 8688

Wentworth Point

Marina Square, Shop 203 5 Footbridge Boulevard
Wentworth Point NSW 2127
(02) 9748 0127
(Closing down 23 December 2023)