The Naturopathic Way To Beautiful Skin

February 4, 2024

Our Skin

Our skin is our largest organ.  It’s also a good indicator of our internal health. Imbalances can often show up on our skin, giving clues as to what the body needs. Naturopaths look for these signs and consider the body’s symptoms as its language to communicate with us.

Skin concerns are many. From rashes to rosacea, from eczema and psoriasis to acne, there are many things that ail our largest organ. The good news, is that with the right treatment, both internally and externally, help is at hand – especially at Saltuary 😉

Internal work is as important as the external stuff when you have skin concerns. At Saltuary, we consider both in equal parts. We often recommend Juniper Organic Skincare’s regimes alongside our naturopathic treatment because they just work beautifully alongside each other.


There are many common nutrients that benefit skin health in general – greens, an array of colourful fruit and veg, good fats, proper hydration and protein are just some. These are basic principles that everyone can follow to help with glow.

For those with concerns including eczema and acne, deeper work to help correct underlying imbalances with herbal medicine, or even higher dosed nutrients, often proves as very welcome relief.

Herbal medicine

Herbal classes to know include depuratives, alteratives and lymphatics and even ones like antimicrobials, antifungals, anti-inflammatories, antipruritics, hepatotoncs and bitters.

Herbs are incredible in that they offer a multitude of benefits. We may use one herb for its anti itch effect (‘antipruritics’), but it’ll also likely benefit the gut by being a bitter herb, possibly help to stimulate our lymph too and more. Herbs have multiple actions, so even taking just one simple herb will gift you with way more in the way of benefits.

Come and learn which herbs, nutrients and skin care to use for your specific needs!  Visit us in-store when our Naturopath is on dispensary duty – contact us.

Book a consult with one of our Naturopaths.

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