Saltuary’s online shop coming soon

December 6, 2023

We’ve been busy setting up our online shop and we’re thrilled to say we’re just about to launch it! Watch this space!

We have been searching the world over for lots of amazing products, and we will be updating new products regularly.

Our Practitioner Only supplements will also be uploaded shortly and we’ll communicate on how you’ll be able to access those.

We’ll gift wrap and send all orders, so if you have loved ones elsewhere in Australia, please consider us for their gifts!

If you have products that you’d be keen to see here – please email us at – and thank you to those of you who always share your amazing funds with us as we end up getting a lot of them in!

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Five Dock

Shop 2, 134 Great North Road 
Five Dock NSW 2046
(02) 9713 8688

Wentworth Point

Marina Square, Shop 203 5 Footbridge Boulevard
Wentworth Point NSW 2127
(02) 9748 0127
(Closing down 23 December 2023)