5 easy tips to stay energised this festive season

December 6, 2023

As we amp up the fun of the festive season and a Sydney summer, here are some handy tips to help keep you energised no matter what you have planned!

Liver help!

St Mary’s Thistle or Silybum marianum (its Latin name – very befitting for the silly season!) is a potent liver loving herb! It helps the liver to do it’s job a lot more effectively, especially when the excesses of life put a burden on it. Whether it’s enjoying too many festive treats or bevies, or having run yourself to the ground with stress throughout the year, Silybum gives our liver a potent helping hand. This is one you’ll always find in our home, not just during the festive season. There’s an old saying about ‘having s**t on the liver’ when someone’s cranky.. let silybum get that off your liver and start enjoying yourself instead 😉. Visit us in-store at Saltuary Five Dock for this product 🙂


Think of antioxidants as your body’s team of handymen and street sweepers! They go around cleaning and fixing stuff that’s gone a little awry. For those who like a little festive cheer by way of drinking, these are a great helper towards not feeling the lagging effects of a hangover! 😉 We tend to take them during (if we remember) and definitely before we go to bed on any eve we may have enjoyed a glass or two.. The morning after will definitely thank you for this! Common antioxidants include things like vitamin C, green tea is full of them and also things like resveratrol – which is often referred to as ‘reversatrol’, which gives you some idea of how it can help the body!  *You’ll always antioxidants and St Marys Thistle gracing our team dinners tables 😉 and yes.. we get them from our dispensary in house, where you’ll find them too if you’re keen!

Infrared saunas

Sweat it out baby! Yes they are hot, but boy are they still good even when its hot outside! Not only do you get the benefits of beautifully glowing summer skin, but you also work up a massive sweat and get the garbage out fast! Infrared saunas are an excellent way to detox, your lymphatic system gets a great workout in them – not to mention the myriad of other benefits you get from these!  Learn More


Another incredible detoxifier. The more we learn about this simple supplement, the more it blows our minds. Charcoal has a massive surface area and a ‘charge’ that attracts toxins into its cage like structure. It then traps these things and carry them out of your body by way of your bowel. Charcoal also helps with eliminating excess gas in our digestive tracts too.. Take this one in between meals and away from other supplements for optimum benefit.

Water and protein

The festive season often sees us shifting on our usual dietary habits. Two simple things to keep in mind to stop you from overindulging are protein and water. Lets actually say good quality, clean protein and filtered, mineralised, alkaline water! Protein help keep you fuller for longer, so you’re less likely to overindulge on the usual festive fare of carbs. It’s also crucial for your liver to detox properly. You can enjoy a little protein before heading out to meals, tuck some nuts or a protein bar to your handbag or pockets and enjoy these before any celebratory occasion! Good hydration is also crucial. Add a pinch of Celtic or Himalayan salt, or electrolytes into a bottle to keep your cells hydrated.

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