Winter Immunity Booster Package

June 2, 2016

Experience the healing benefits of Salt & Sauna!

At Saltuary, our wide range of rejuvenating, all-natural and holistic therapies are popular with people of all ages, from all walks of life. But why are therapies such as Salt and our Infrared Sauna so effective in boosting your immunity?

When you’re in a deep state of relaxation both mentally and physically—such as when you’re experiencing a Salt session, Sauna or when sleeping—your immune system works to repair and restore itself. Relaxation is, naturally, the gateway to reducing stress—stress that places great strain upon your immune system day-to-day.

At Saltuary, we cannot recommend enough the importance of taking time out for yourself to “just be”! To truly stay at your peak performance and live happily and healthily, it’s crucial to factor in therapeutic relaxation.

That’s where Salt Therapy and Infrared can help! These therapies boost your immunity by ridding your body of toxins, promoting circulation and reducing stress hormones. Our Salt & Sauna package provides an amazingly therapeutic experience that keeps nasty bugs at bay!

Purchase one of our Winter Immune Booster Packages today!

This month, stay on top of your health and wellbeing by being proactive, instead of reactive, to the cold and flu season. Our Winter Immune Booster Packages, consist of Salt and Infrared Sauna sessions, and are the perfect way to balance your health and wellbeing this winter! Whilst with us, make sure you speak to our qualified staff about any additional immune support you need. We have a range of herbs, probiotics, vitamins and minerals to have you sailing through winter!

  • Weekly Salt Room Pass $65 (max of 2 sessions / day); BUY NOW
  • Weekly Salt Room Pass with 1 x Infrared Sauna session $99; BUY NOW


3 key benefits of Salt Therapy

  1. Eases chronic respiratory conditions. As you relax in our Himalayan Salt Room, you will inhale 100% pure minute salt particles, which travel through your sinuses/respiratory tract, absorbing moisture, cleansing & clearing mucus to help you breathe easier. Salt Therapy eases a range of respiratory issues, from seasonal colds and flu to bronchitis, sinusitis and pneumonia.
  2. Soothes allergies and skin conditions. Salt Therapy has a range of beneficial anti-histamine, anti-septic, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. It not only eases chronic respiratory conditions, but soothes allergies such as hayfever and asthma by loosening mucus build-up and phlegm. Salt therapy also aids in the treatment of inflammatory skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.
  3. Enhances your immune system. The detoxifying nature of Salt Therapy also provides a rejuvenating immunity boost and helps to reduce stress levels. As you sink into deep relaxation, you give your immune system the time and energy to repair itself. Everything just works better when we are in a relaxed state, especially when the body is trying to overcome an immune challenge.


3 key benefits of Infrared Sauna

  1. Detoxifies your system. Our Infrared Sauna uses a specific wavelength of energy to warm your body from the inside-out. This deeply penetrating and safe heat stimulates the detoxification process. As your start to perspire, the pores in your skin open up, shedding toxins and waste products from your cells and tissues.
  2. Boosts circulation and regenerates your skin. Infrared heat stimulates circulation throughout your body and increases your body’s production of white blood cells. As your pores expand and waste products are shed from your body, your skin regenerates itself, meaning you leave the Sauna session with beautiful, glowing skin!


Boosts your immunity. Infrared Sauna kicks your immune system into gear, rallying your body’s response to invaders. Infrared heat releases toxins from your lymphatic system, taking a detoxifying load off of your liver and kidneys. Overall, Infrared Sauna mimics a state of fever in your body creating an inhospitable environment for bacteria to grow—perfect if you’re on the verge of getting sick!

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