Therapist of the Month – Lisa Ogden

November 12, 2014

Lisa Ogden, our resident Acupuncturist, has been treating people for over a quarter of a century! That kind of experience really is priceless and we are incredibly fortunate to have her on our team. Lisa was first called to work in the field of natural medicine over 26 years ago after her own health issues lead her to acupuncture, naturopathy and massage on a personal journey to wellness. Initially working as a massage therapist, Lisa has been a practicing Acupuncturist for over 20 years now. To learn more about Lisa, please read on..

Led by her passion for health and meditation, Lisa made the choice to study acupuncture more than 20 years ago. Prior to this, Lisa had worked for 10 years as a Zen Shiatsu massage therapist. Her gentle style of acupuncture has its roots in the older, more traditional philosophies connected to the art of Traditional Chinese Medicine, or TCM as it’s commonly known.

In general practice since 1988, Lisa has spent extended periods of time working overseas in Bali and England, as well as throughout Australia. She has specialist training in using acupuncture to treat mental health issues, addiction and Hepatitis C. Blending the ancient art of TCM with modern biochemical science, Lisa’s knowledge, not just on acupuncture, but the field of natural medicine as a whole, makes her one astonishingly knowledgeable, talented and experienced therapist. Lisa says “I’m always amazed by the ability we all hold to re-connect with ourselves and journey towards health and wholeness with the assistance of a few gently placed needles that fine tune our system and bring us back into harmony through a state of deep restfulness”.

Lisa’s passionate about our individual inner path and meditates regularly. To anyone who floats with us, it’d come as no surprise to learn that Lisa is one of Saltuarys most committed floaters, having already spent an entire night sleeping in there! The two blend beautifully for her.. She’s a big devotee of floating, having worked in one of Sydney’s earliest float centres many years ago where she often undertook week long, overnight float intensives! Revolutionary hey! I think she was always destined to work at Saltuary 🙂

Deeply connected to people and the world around her, Lisa’s broad understanding of the human body & psyche flows beautifully through to her gentle and nurturing practice of Acupuncture.

Passionate about helping others on their own path to wellness Lisa loves giving ongoing health support for various disorders and imbalances. She also happily works with people who need just a couple of sessions to deal with acute imbalances of some sort, such as those with acute injuries or pain, or those simply in need of a bit of a ‘tune up’.

Acupuncture effectively deals with a wide variety of health issues including acute & chronic pain, stress, depression, anxiety states, fatigue and immune issues amongst others. It also effectively treats digestive and hormonal imbalances, including fertility concerns from pre-conception to pregnancy, right through to labour and beyond.

Lisa treats everyone from newborns to the elderly and has experience across the full spectrum of life stages.

“I love working at Saltuary because of the wonderful, well rounded complementary services it offers to support people in having a healthy, happy and relaxed life.” We love working with you too Lisa!

For those that have never experienced acupuncture, there is no need to worry about the needles! I’ve had a few session with Lisa already, and I must say they are some of the gentlest sessions I’ve ever had. I couldnt feel the needles go in and afterwards, I always feel like I’m happily drifting along on clouds for hours. Delightful..

Lisa is with us at Saltuary on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturday afternoons and she is covered by health funds. To book in, call 9713 8688 or email An initial consultation costs $110 and lasts 1.15hrs. Follow up consultations are 1 hr long and cost $95. We also offer our Balance Package which includes an acupuncture session alongside a float! The Balance packages are priced at $164 for anyone who’s not yet had an Initial consultation with Lisa, or at $150 for those who have already had their Initial consultation.

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