Mohammad Mansi – Therapist of the Month

September 17, 2014

Back at college, I recall being taught that a good massage therapist has both their heart & brain in each of their fingertips to ‘feel & understand’ their way around a body. When it comes to Mansi, I suspect that he has 2 hearts AND 2 brains in each and every one of his fingertips.. Mansi, as we lovingly call him, has a background in neurological physiotherapy & works with us as one of our remedial therapists.


In my humble opinion, Mansi is an expert at rehabilitation and massage.

He holds both a Bachelors Degree & a Postgraduate Masters Degree in Physiotherapy & Physical Rehabilitation, both earned in the Ukraine. Mansi has previously worked as a Senior Physiotherapist & Physical Rehabilitation Specialist at the King Abdullah University Hospital in Jordan, where he is originally from. Here in Sydney, Mansi  has previously worked with the Back Dr for 7 years, specialising in sports injuries and rehab.

With a strong focus on sports injuries, his other treatment passions include neurological disorders such as stroke & Parkinson’s Disease, head & spinal cord injuries, quadriplegia, hemiplegia, paraplegia, MS & rehabilitation after major accidents, injuries or surgery. He’s worked with people to help prepare them for arthroscopies, including hip and knee replacements, as well as helping with recovery post surgery for such things.

He’s experienced in working with tennis elbow, frozen shoulder & carpal tunnel. He successfully treats the many and varied sources of general back, head and neck pain, including headaches.

Mansi confidently offers treatment plans with accurate outcomes and timelines.

As a standard part of his treatments, Mansi guides his clients on strengthening exercises and stretches. If you find yourself seeing Mansi for chronic ailments, expect homework!

Mansi loves treating kids, quickly becoming ‘besties’ with so many of them! With 3 kids of his own, this is where this cheeky and gentle therapist really comes to life! He’s passionate about helping little ones be their best and offers free 10 minute structural checks for 2 – 16 year olds. He checks their spine, feet and gait and offers exercises, stretches or treatment plans where needed. He holds a clearance for working with kids & is more than happy for parents / guardians to sit in on the treatment at all times. He’s previously worked with kids with spina bifida, scoliosis, cerebral palsy, meningitis and more.

He’s qualified in remedial, sports, pregnancy, soft tissue & Chinese massage, as well as Su-Jok therapy. His professional memberships & accreditations include:

Sport Medicine Australia (Full Professional Member).

  1. Australian Traditional Medicine Society (Accredited Remedial Massage, Reflexology and Sport Massage).
  2. Sport Medicine Australia (Full Professional Member).
  3. Australian Physiotherapy Association (Physiotherapy Assistant).
  4. Diploma of Massage (Australian Vet assess ASCO Code:3494-11) AQF
  5. Australian Association for Exercise and Sports Science (Full Membership).
  6. Jordanian Physiotherapist Council, Amman – Jordan.

If you’ve been looking for an amazing remedial therapist – book in with Mansi today.. He’s available at Saltuary on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays and is covered by health funds. Claims are generally made electronically on the spot – you only pay us the gap. To book call 9713 8688, email or book / pay online via our website.

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