Mediterranean Diet Benefits

August 5, 2016

What is Ferragosto?

Ferragosto is a traditional Italian and Sammarinise celebration, held annually on the 15th August (adapted to the 21st August for our Sydney version). Ferragosto is about coming together for a period of rest after hard work. The term originates from an ancient Latin word, Feriae Augusti, which means ‘August Rest’.

The City of Canada Bay has been hosting Ferragosto in Five Dock for 19 years, showcasing the best of Italian culture, cooking and entertainment. It’s all about bringing the community together, celebrating the area’s vibrant multiculturalism and local talent.


The Mediterranean Diet

With the amazing event line up not far away (see more below) we thought we’d give you a taster of the benefits that the Mediterranean diet can provide for you!

The Mediterranean Diet is based on the dietary traditions of Crete, Greece, and southern Italy from around the 1960’s. This was a time when the rates of chronic disease in the area were among the lowest in the world, and the areas life expectancy among the highest, even though medical services were limited.

The Mediterranean Gm Diet Plan 2016 recommendations also include daily exercise, sharing meals with others, and fostering a deep appreciation for the pleasures of eating healthy and delicious foods – important ‘non food’ aspects of health!

medditerranean diet

Not only is it a fresh and tasty way to eat and live, it also offers a realistically sustainable model to lose, or maintain a healthy, weight, reduce inflammatory diseases, promote healthy cognition and keep you agile with older age.

Here are some health benefits and myths of the Mediterranean diet:



·         It helps to protect against diabetes: this is due to the high amount of fibre which slow digestion and prevent large fluctuations in blood sugar levels

·         Reduce risk of heart disease and strokes: because of the minimal amount of processed foods and red meat, and it encourages red wine consumption instead of ‘hard liquor’, which have all been linked to heart disease and stroke prevention.

·         Decreased risk of Alzheimer’s: by improving cholesterol and blood sugar levels, and benefiting overall blood vessel health.

·         Halving the risk of Parkinson’s disease: Being high in antioxidants, the Mediterranean diet help to prevent cells from undergoing damage, which can halve the risk!

·         Longer life expectancy: With all these added health benefits, there is an overall reduction in fatality by 20%!

·         If wine is good for me I can drink more! Unfortunately, no. Only moderates amount of wine have been linked to health benefits and any more can actually have a negative impact.

·         Eating large bowls of pasta and bread is how the Mediterranean’s do it. Typically, pasta and bread are seen as a side dish to the remainder of the plate being filled with salads, vegies, fish, and more.

·         It’s expensive to eat the ‘Mediterranean way’. In actual fact, your grocery bill will be slashed, as you opt for protein substitutes like lentils and beans, plants and wholegrains, and decrease processed / packaged foods.

·         If I start eating the ‘Mediterranean way’ I will drop weight fast.  While food is a huge part of this diet, it’s important to note the emphasis put onto the cultural element of eating meals and involving themselves in physical activity. It’s about adopting the whole lifestyle, not just the food.


The Ferragosto Event line-up

Over 160 market stalls. Wander amidst the wafting flavours of authentic Italian flat breads, traditional wood-fired pizzas, homemade gnocchi and more. Savour other European delights, from Spanish paella to Greek souvlaki to Turkish Gozleme. Check out beautiful designer clothing, jewellery and arts and crafts.

Vibrant live music, dance & entertainment. The FerraMusica and FerraGiovani stages will showcase vibrant home grown talent, including musicians, dancers and magicians of all ages.

European auto display. Classic and new model European autos, from motorcars to bikes to scooters, will be on display on Ramsay Road, in conjunction with The Ducati Owners Club of New South Wales Inc. and The Italian Made Social Motoring Club.

Cosy outdoor cinema. Get cosy and check out some classic Italian films at our outdoor cinema, new at this year’s festival! Deck chairs, bean bags, tables and chairs will feature in this family-friendly chill-out space on the grass.

Competitions galore. Go in the draw to win a tour of Italy for two at the Insight Vacations stall. Cycle to the festival and bring a reusable carry bag, then visit the Eco-Hub stall – you could win a bike shop or online eco-store voucher. Take part in hilarious gelato and pizza-eating competitions to win restaurant vouchers!


Getting there
• Walk, cycle or carpool! Bike racks are available near the Eco-Hub on the corner of Great North and Ramsay roads.
• Please note that road closures will divert public transport. Click here for bus diversion routes for 415, 491, 492 and 438 and 439.
• A free free shuttle bus which will operate between 10am and 4pm. Click here for the shuttle bus map

For more info on the 2016 Ferragosto festival, visit: or like them on Facebook

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