Introducing Saltuary Memberships!

February 19, 2015

For anyone who enjoys the use of our services, a membership is definitely something to consider. Our Memberships allow you the flexibility to use all of our services at reduced rates and whenever you please! You can mix and match them in any way you like to maximise your health and wellbeing. You’ll even receive discounts for all products and receive the added benefit of members only events and specials throughout the year.

To celebrate our membership release – anyone who signs up by 10th March 2015 will go into a prize draw to receive an additional month on us! What an amazing way to look after your health and wellbeing!

There are 3 levels of memberships offered – something to suit every budget.

Our Balance Membership is designed for anyone who wants to stay well and enjoy the journey. For people with no pressing health concerns, but those who acknowledge the importance of taking good care of themselves with taking regular time out to nourish themselves in body, mind and soul.

Our Wellness Membership is designed for people wanting to optimise / maximise their wellbeing. Ideal for those people that don’t want to settle for mediocre health or may need a little help to get their health back on track.

Our Restoration Membership is designed for someone with some bigger health concerns or those demanding a lot from their bodies (ie: athletes, high stress jobs).

Please see below for rates and prices. The prices for each level of membership are noted under that particular service – eg: a Sauna session under the Balance membership is $35. Under the Restoration membership, it’s $25.

 Price per weekSaltFloatSaunaMassageAcupunctureNaturopathyYogaProduct
Balance$30$30$55$355% disc5% disc5% disc5% disc5% disc
Wellness$45$22$50$3010% disc10% disc10% disc10% disc7.5% disc
Restoration$60$15$45$2515% disc15% disc15% disc15% disc10% disc


The following terms and conditions apply:

– Weekly direct debit only

– Minimum commitment = 26 weeks. Memberships will automatically renew at this stage unless prior written notice is given at least 1 week prior to renewal.

– To cancel, our Cancellation Form must be filled out. Receipt of this must be acknowledged by a staff member. If you do not receive acknowledgement, we have not received your cancellation.

– Your direct debit amount is deposited into your Saltuary account and is used to pay for your therapies at the prices associated with your membership.

– Your account can be topped up at any time during your membership to take advantage of your level of discounted rates. Eg. You only have $40 in your account, but wish to use a service for $45. Simply pay us the $5 additional, and still enjoy the discounted rates prior to your next debit occurring.

– Your account balance does not expire whilst you are signed up to a Membership. It accumulates until you draw down on it.

– Membership prices are valid for 1 month after cancellation to allow you to use up any remaining account balance. Again, you are able to top up the account in this grace period to take advantage of the discounted rates.

– Refunds do not apply.

– $5 dishonour fee applies to all dishonoured payments.

– Cancellation charges apply. Cancellation within the first 6 month period results in an immediate and additional 50% charge for any unused months. Eg: Cancel at the 4 month mark, and the remaining 2 months will be charged at 50% of your monthly rate in one lump sum at time of cancellation.

– Memberships are for one individual only and are not to be shared.

– No discount for purchase of gift vouchers.

– No further discounts apply to packages / packs (ie: 10 x float pack).

– Terms and conditions may change after written advice one month prior to the change.

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