IBS Awareness Month

April 16, 2015

April is the worldwide IBS Awareness Month, discussing IBS diagnosis and treatment. Around 10% of Australians experience IBS; more commonly women than men. Naturopathy at Saltuary aims to reduce the severity of IBS. Taking into account your whole being, Naturopathy helps alleviate IBS symptoms. Read on to find out more!

If you’ve ever suffered from IBS symptoms such as abdominal pain, cramping, bloating and constipation, well…you know how unpleasant life can be. But here’s the good news— Tiina Hogg, our Naturopath, is here to lend a helping hand!

Tiina Hogg is our much-loved owner and Naturopath at Saltuary. She’s available for consultations on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and is covered by health funds.

IBS and Naturopathy: How does it work?

Naturopathy is a form of treatment that takes into account your entire being, not just your physical symptoms. A Naturopath uses various treatment strategies for helping you achieve your desired health goal. From herbal medicines to nutritional and lifestyle guidance, Naturopathy also refers on for the vast benefits offered by many other complementary therapies, including massage and counselling.

Naturopathy aims to relieve common IBS-related symptoms, such as abdominal cramping and pain. This is achieved by balancing your body’s internal landscape, by way of nutritional and herbal supplementation. Naturopathy encourages you to adapt lifestyle choices that nurture a return back to health.

Naturopaths aim to give you the tools to maintain your own health, guiding you on your journey back to wellness. It is a treatment that focuses on the root cause of the problem, rather than simply treating the current symptom. Tiina likes to build long-term relationships with her clients. If you’re committed to making positive changes to your health, book in today!

• Treats a wide variety of ailments / conditions
• Suitable for babies through to the elderly
• Holistic whole-body treatment
• Good for acute & chronic conditions
• Covered by health funds

Also treats:

• Chronic pain & inflammation
• Pregnancy & fertility
• Weight loss
• Digestive issues including bloating, wind, discomfort etc
• Fibromyalgia
• Hormonal imbalances
• Hay fever & allergies
• Asthma
• Eczema
• Stress

Naturopathy: A brief history
Naturopathy has existed in various forms for thousands of years. Using plants as medicine has been practiced since the dawn of time. These days however, the techniques used to extract the healing parts of plants has come a very long way; also vastly improving their ability to promote health in our body.

The age-old saying, “You are what you eat” is a core focus of Naturopathy. Using food as medicine—whilst harnessing all that science has taught us over the years— places Naturopaths at the forefront of natural health and healing.

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