5 tips on how to prepare for your first session in our float room

June 27, 2023

Float therapy is a novel and refreshing alternative to relieve stress, anxiety, and even chronic pain. In this form of therapy, the individual floats in a small pool of warm, sterile water with a magnesium-rich salt solution, creating a sense of weightlessness. The experience is designed to be calming and rejuvenating, offering complete relaxation and recharging of the mind and body.

Not only will you feel completely weightless and free from distractions, but your skin will feel absolutely divine! While you may feel a little nervous or unsure about what to expect from your first time, you can have an enjoyable and relaxing experience with some preparation. Here are some tips on preparing for your first session in our float room.

1. Know what to expect

Our friendly staff will personally guide you through the safety and process of float therapy prior to your session. However, we understand that it can be helpful to feel prepared before diving in (pardon the pun). Take some time to learn about what float therapy is and how it works, so you can feel confident and relaxed during your experience. You can read reviews online, watch videos, or chat with friends who have tried float therapy before. Start with our short video on the benefits of floating therapy here. If you have any questions or concerns, our friendly team is always happy to help. So don’t hesitate to reach out!

2. Avoid caffeine and heavy meals

It’s important to avoid caffeine and heavy meals before your session, as they can interfere with relaxation. Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system, which can increase alertness and make it more difficult to truly feel relaxed and make the most of your float session. As a result, consuming caffeine close to your session can negatively impact relaxation, as well as your sleep quality. Instead, opt for light and healthy foods that won’t leave you feeling bloated or jittery.

3. Be open-minded

Float therapy is a unique experience that requires a certain level of openness and willingness to let go. Take some time before your session to meditate, practice deep breathing, or do some gentle stretching to help calm your mind and body. Before your float therapy session, our team will provide you with a complete orientation to help calm any nerves and ensure that you feel comfortable and at ease in our facility.

4. Practice good hygiene

Our float rooms are equipped with a private shower and change area for your personal use, stocked with our premium products to enhance your pre- and post-float experience. As you enter your private float room, you will be provided with a refreshing shower to eliminate any oils, dirt, or fragrances on your skin before commencing your session.

5. Arrive early

Give yourself plenty of time to arrive at Saltuary before your session. This will help you relax and get comfortable in the space, and avoid feeling rushed or anxious. As part of your float experience, we offer a calming and grounding complimentary shot by Life Cykel mushrooms to help enhance the benefits of your floating experience. Similar to our detox shots in the sauna, these shots contain a blend of Reishi, Turkey Tail, and Shiitake mushrooms to provide grounding effects and take your relaxation to a deeper level. Please arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled session time so you can enjoy the float shot as a pre-float drink. Try it out and feel the difference in your float!

By following these tips, you can prepare yourself for a comfortable and enjoyable first float session. Remember to stay open to the experience and trust the process, and you may find that float therapy becomes a regular part of your self-care routine.

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