When did you last have a grease and oil change for your body? Detox Time

February 4, 2020

Our world today is very polluted. It’s said that indoor air is often more polluted than outdoor air! Even our babies today, are being born pre-polluted! So, what are we to do?

Start small

There are many simple things that you can do to help lower your body’s toxic load. Switching to natural cleaning products in the home, along with natural personal care products for example, will go a long way towards this.

Many standard cleaning products and personal care products come laden with nasty chemicals. Our body often struggles to get rid of them, a problem only compounded by the sheer volume that we are exposed to every day of our lives. If we cannot get rid of these toxins in a timely manner, our body often stores them in our fat cells. We can then suffer with additional weight gain, or an inability to shed those unwanted kilos.

Our body’s solution to pollution is dilution. The more polluted we make the body, the more diluted it tries to make it.. and so we put on fat. Lessening your exposure, by opting for non-toxic products, can help with more than just a cleaner planet.

Pre-polluted babies

Babies in this day and age are actually born ‘pre-polluted’. A sad, but true fact. A study done in 2004, by the Environmental Working Group, tested the umbilical cord blood of babies born in the U.S. and found a total of 287 chemicals, an average of 200 chemicals per child!

How can we help?

We can help lower your toxic burden with products and services that enhance detoxification and minimise your toxic exposure.

  • We stock many natural body products and cleaning products for the home
  • We stock ‘practitioner only’ supplements designed to cleanse and repair the body
  • We stock water and shower filters
  • Our infrared saunas stimulate whole body detox. Infrared saunas have even been shown to enhance the elimination of certain heavy metals including lead.
  • Our salt therapy rooms enhance detoxification via your lungs / respiratory system. They’ve been used by many as an aid with all the smoke Sydney has seen of late.

Salt Members

Our Naturopaths also run a dedicated 21-day detox program. Akin to a grease and oil change for your car, our detox program is a grease and oil change for you! This supported program encompasses a holistic, whole-body detox and includes weekly salt therapy and infrared sauna sessions. Herbal and nutritional supplements are also included to ensure your body ‘takes out the trash’. For more on this program, or to book in, CLICK HERE.

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