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More energy

"Your body's solution to pollution is dilution" ... When your body becomes overburdened with pollution ('toxins'), weight gain can often occur, in order to dilute this toxicity out.

If that sentence sounds alarming to you, sign up for the Saltuary 21 Day Detox Program, it will leave you feeling fresh, lighter and more energised!

Reason to detox

So why detox? We are all surrounded by toxins, both internally and externally, both natural and man-made. Even with the most wholesome diet and Zen filled life, we are all, to some degree, dealing with toxins.  Our bodies can easily become overloaded due to this, and just like a good grease and oil change for you car, giving your body the same, helps to keep it functioning optimally for you. Detoxing provides us a safe and effective ‘(car) service’ for our bodies.

Toxins come in the way of the usual culprits like pesticides, air pollution, cigarettes, etc.. but did you ever stop to think about the fire retardants sprayed on new clothes and furnishings? How about the chlorine, lead and traces of medicines in unfiltered water? Chlorine is put into our water supply to kill bugs - but what about the fact that us humans, are mostly made of (beneficial) bugs! How about the toxins in your cleaning products? Your personal care products? Or how about our internal, ‘endogenous’ toxins that we make simply from breathing, eating, metabolising and more.. The list is endless..

Toxins can add to numerous health complaints including:

  • Infertility and hormonal problems
  • Skin breakouts, and even conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, acne and more
  • Inability to lose weight, and putting it on
  • Recurrent infections
  • Mood swings
  • Allergies
  • Headaches and SO much more..
more energy

A dedicated detox program is something that can put the bounce back in your step and get you back onto the road of recovery and health. It's a case of giving your body back a little bit, and it will aim to make a mile out of it. The body ultimately wants to feel good, and helping it along a little bit can result in health improvements.

Salt Room
Infrared Sauna Detox

So why Saltuary’s 21 Day Detox Program?

  • Professional, quality, tailored guidance
  • Comprehensive dietary and lifestyle advice to make it easy
  • Comprehensive nutritional recipes and meal plans
  • Weekly emails loaded with inspiration and information
  • In house health screenings (body composition analysis)
  • All core ‘practitioner’ products recommended throughout the program
  • Committed support of a qualified team
  • Weekly Infrared Sauna sessions (3 in total)
  • Weekly Salt therapy sessions (3 in total)
  • 2 Naturopathic consultations
  • Program only special offers / discounts

The total cost for the program is $598, saving you over $200 off our standard prices.

Cleansing and detoxing will make you lose weight, will make your eyes white, will make your skin glow” – Dr Alejandro Junger, Hungry For Change.

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