Meet the team

Meet our new Therapists

Our new healers and experts

We are pretty excited about this! We recently had Ray, a talented massage therapist join our team – and now 2 more amazing practitioners joining us! 

Pema Gyaltsen, a massage therapist, and Jasmine Mutar, an acupuncturist.

Pema was born in Tibet, and raised in India. Very well versed in Tibetan Medicine, Pema is committed to preserving and promoting this ancient wisdom, beautifully bridging Buddhist teachings with Western science. He’s authored a book on mental health in the Tibetan language (that was personally endorsed by the Dalai Lama) and has also practiced in multiple Indian cities. His studies include Ayurveda, Buddhist philosophy, spiritual activities and medical astrology. 

Pema joins us as a massage therapist (and boy did we love picking his brain during our trial massage!). Viewing the body through many lenses, he aims to restore balance, alleviate pain and balance his clients overall wellbeing. 

Jasmine joins us as an Acupuncturist and Chinese herbal medicine practitioner. She loves her work for its ability to address diverse client needs so powerfully. Jasmine is a gentle and very warm practitioner, we are thrilled to have her join us.

Jasmine has a particular interest in womens health, muscular aches and pains, and cosmetic acupuncture, believing external radiance absolutely intertwines with internal balance and wellbeing. She is currently mastering the art of a TCM style of cosmetic acupuncture. Jasmine incorporates cupping, Moxa, guasha and a variety of other tools into her treatments.

Looking ahead, she plans to devote further time to the field of TCM research to deepen her personal understanding and to contribute to the growing education about TCM and holistic medicine. 

A wildly talented artist, she also loves exploring new places and cuisines, and to Jasmine “…no exploration is complete without a good cup of coffee!” 😉 

Both Pema and Jasmine are now open for bookings!  BOOK NOW

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Wentworth Point

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(Closing down 23 December 2023)