“Shake It” Professional Weight Management program

September 11, 2013

Saltuary’s Professional Weight Management Program ‘Shake It’ is a simple to follow, scientifically advanced, and fully mentored fat loss program. It commences on Thursday 26th September 2013 – just 2 weeks away as I write this!

‘Shake It’ is a carbohydrate controlled diet and lifestyle program, utilising good levels of protein, healthy fats and moderate exercise to switch you into a state of fat burning, known as ‘ketosis’. Ketosis literally switches on fat burning as your body’s main fuel source, rather than utilising carbs, as our bodys normally do, resulting in safe fat loss of up to 2kg per week.

Unlike other diets, fat burning through ketosis actually preserves lean muscle mass, helping to avoid rebound weight gain once the diet is finished.With the headway in innovation, security highlights are required to enhance essentially in the up and coming auto dispatches as India-particular crash standards are set up. Mellow mixtures are relied upon to wind up noticeably more typical as makers attempt to meet the CAFE standards and attempt to agree to discharge standards.

Many common weight loss diets result in excessive loss of muscle that reduces your bodys metabolic rate, or its ability to burn calories. After such diets are stopped, the body tends to put weight back on. This type of dieting can often result in hormonal and metabolic disturbances as well, which generally then leads to even further weight gain. A vicious cycle, hence the common term ‘yo-yo dieting’.

With our ‘Shake It’ program, you will undergo an initial consultation with our Naturopath to assess whether there are any underlying factors preventing fat loss that need to be addressed.

Our program also involves a weekly appointment with our Naturopath or Nutritionist to ensure you stay on track. We will weigh in, answer any questions you may have, and undertake a weekly body composition analysis to see your progress! We believe this regular contact is critical to keep you on track and inspired.

The program involves healthy meals and a daily meal replacement from an included choice of protein rich soups or shakes in a variety of flavours. Food lists, recipe ideas and a variety of snack bar options are included to make it even easier for those days where cooking just doesn’t happen!

Daily exercise, to a standard recommended for you is an important part of the program. This will differ for everyone, and will be assessed at your initial consultation. We’ve even organised a nearby boutique gym to help out on this front!

Kids can also join ‘Shake It’. There are specific supplements and recommendations just for them that will help to kick start good habits for life, as they grow into their healthier bodies, building self confidence as they start to look and feel better.

Also included are fortnightly group talks on a range of health topics for participants. These will be held in our Himalayan salt rooms on Thursday evenings. These are educational discussions filled with inspiration that give you the ability to connect and be inspired by others on the same journey.

We will be holding a ‘Q & A’ next Thursday, the 19th of September at 5.30pm at Saltuary. Our trained staff will be on hand to answer any questions you may have, there will be taste testing as well as early bird specials.

The program will officially begin on Thursday 26th of September with the first group talk.

The 6 week mentored program costs $929 and includes:

– An Initial Naturopathic Consult

– 4 group talks on a range of health topics

– Weekly in house body composition screening + appointments with our Naturopath / Nutritionist

– Weekly newsletters

– ‘Shake It’ deals with a nearby boutique gym

– A zinc test to assess your current level of this essential mineral

– Before, during and after photos

– Supplements / Meal Replacements (incl 20 snack bars, soup sachets, Meta Oil, Protein ‘Shake’ Tub)

– Ketostix to measure your daily ketones with

– Shaker / Bag

– Recipe Booklet and Meal Planners

– Program Booklet

– Educational / Inspirational handouts

Plus the dedicated support of our amazing team of specialised health professionals who offer on-going advice, education and most importantly, inspiration!

Pre organised payment plans are available at no additional charge. Certain health funds may offer rebates for joining the program. At this stage, Health Care Insurance, Health Insurance Fund of Australia, BUPA, St Luke’s Health and West Fund participate.

Call us today on 9713 8688, or visit us at our centre, Shop 2, 134 Great North Rd, Five Dock to join the program or book for the ‘Q & A’ evening.

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