Saltuary’s 7 Wellness Habits – Water and Hydration

March 1, 2017

Did you know that when you feel the simple urge of thirst – you are already partially dehydrated! Hydration is not just about the fluids we drink. It can also come from the foods we choose to eat, whether they dehydrate our bodies, or aid our hydration. Things like processed foods that create inflammation and foods made with standard table salt (not mineral rich salts like Himalayan or Celtic sea salts!) are generally dehydrating on our bodies. Whereas a good array of colourful fruits and vegies can aid our body’s hydration levels.

When it comes to the obvious aspects of hydration – ie: water – there really are a lot of options. So which water to drink?

Tap water: Definitely the cheapest financially, but quite possibly the most expensive when it comes to your health. Tap water contains heavy metals including aluminium and lead, things like copper and rust from old pipes, traces of medicines, debris from dead leaves, bugs and other decaying matter and much more that you probably wouldnt add to your own glass of water willingly at home! It also contains chlorine and things like fluoride, which in a lot of places has now been taken out due to its detrimental effect on health. Australia is one of the few places in the world that still include this in the public water supply. Fluoride, lets remember, has now been classified as a neurotoxin in some countries, and when its added to tap water, keep in mind, that we all get the same dosage of the stuff – whether it’s a newborn drinking it from a bottle or a fully grown adult.

Bottled water: No doubt contains a ‘cleaner’ water, but depending on the source / brand, may have had everything stripped out of it including minerals. Depending on the container it comes in, it will differ in its health benefit too. Plastic bottles are not only an environmental disaster – even if disposing of them via recycling, due to the chemicals used in their manufacture alone. Glass bottles are always better, as these are made from natural materials. Plastic bottles can also leech chemicals that can act as endocrine disruptors – ie: cause havoc with our hormones.

Filtered water: In our opinion, definitely the best – however, this, of course, is also dependent upon the type of filtration system you have. Most common filters will not remove fluoride, and many again, may filter out some of the beneficial minerals or perhaps leave some of the heavy metals such as lead in the end product. At Saltuary, we choose to use Zazen Alkaline Water Filters, because in that price range, we feel they are by far the best. There are of course filters costing many thousands of dollars that people swear by, but due to cost, we prefer Zazen as it imparts minerals into the water and takes out everything from heavy metals to organic matter including dead bugs. It takes out fluoride, chloroform (used to put people to sleep!), and of course, heavy metals that can act as neurotoxins. A recent large scale study, that looked at copper and lead contamination in the tap water of NSW homes found that of the 212 homes tested, 56% had detectable lead in their water supply, with 8% of those exceeding current guidelines. Copper was found in 100% of the samples, with 5% of homes exceeding current guidelines. This is especially concerning, especially for young infants. We stock Zazen Water Filters at Saltuary, as well as their replacement parts. Come in and see us if you are interested in more..

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