Saltuary programs for 2016

December 1, 2015

For anyone looking to vastly improve their life by taking charge of their health in 2016, a Saltuary program is for you!

Our programs will be launched in the early months of 2016 and will include:

  • ‘Movement For Life’
  • ‘Detox & Thrive For Life’
  • ‘Naturally Well’
  • ‘Performance Edge’
  • ‘Fat Burner’
  • ‘From Stress To Zen’

With a team that holds over 100 years’ of collective experience, and a cutting edge health clinic with unique service offerings, you can rest assured that you’ll be in talented and trustworthy hands.

Each program will have specific, tailored inclusions and will be structured to ensure your health goals are met. Throughout your time with us, our team will work together on your goals, assessing, reviewing and advising accordingly throughout your chosen program/time with us.

These will be permanent programs, enabling you to begin your journey to better health at any stage throughout the year.

Your program will always begin with an Initial Consultation with the Head Therapist of each dedicated program. You will undergo various health assessments / in-house tests and questionnaires, all of which will be reviewed continually throughout your program to ensure results.

If you are determined to take your health to the next level, look out for our official programs launching throughout 2016!


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