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April 20, 2015

When we were dreaming up exactly what Saltuary would be.. it was always really important to us that it maintained a ‘wholistic’ focus from all fronts for anyone who visited our centre. We wanted people who came to us to be able to get help from the reception staff just as much as they did from the therapists themselves – and I must say, I’m pretty happy with whats transpired on that front!

This was always of really great importance to us, that a client could walk in and feel cared for as an entire, whole being. It’s something we didn’t want to budge on, and I can proudly and happily say that we haven’t! In my past experience of having worked in a clinic where we did just that – where we discussed our clients cases together, I saw first hand how much additional benefit this gave to the client, as well as how rewarding it was to the therapists. We felt it was vitally important to be able to deliver on natural health care for a whole person under the one Saltuary roof. This is why we recently added our Health Corner too. We felt it was another important step in being able to offer quality food and health products to our clients, and it fact, it was a lot of you who gave feedback asking for this – so thank you!

I feel very very fortunate to be working with the team at Saltuary. Every single staff member has a keen interest in health and together, there’s not too many questions that cant be answered, or at least pondered to a great depth, from the mix of knowledge, passion and skills we have in house. From aromatherapy, to Chinese medicine, to sports massage, nutrition, herbal medicine, Bowen therapy and more..  There’s always someones brain to pick when thinking about a clients concerns. Collectively, we hold about 90 years of experience in the field of natural medicine – amazing!

Of course there are times when we don’t offer a particular service in house, and at those times, we happily refer on to others. We live by the ideal that many heads are better than one! So when you visit Saltuary, rest assured that you will have a team of talented therapists working towards your health goals, as opposed to just a single therapist. We are a growing team, always on the lookout for others to join our team, so if you’re super passionate and dedicated to health, get in touch!

Love and light to you all.. tiina xx


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