5 ways naturopathy can positively impact mental health

August 28, 2023
5 ways naturopathy can positively impact mental health

Mental health is an essential component of our overall health and well-being. In Australia alone, two in five people experience a mental health condition at some stage in their lives¹. This is a significant statistic, and research shows the prevalence of mental health illnesses is on the rise².

Mental health certainly shouldn’t be ignored or put on the back burner. It needs to take centre stage in our daily rituals and routines. Holistic, integrated approaches to mental health care have grown in importance in recent years, especially with the pandemic having played a large role in people’s self-awareness around overall health to include every layer, not just physical or mental³.

Naturopathy is one holistic approach to health and well-being that can offer vast benefits. It offers a range of natural techniques and remedies that effectively support and enhance mental well-being. Here we share five ways in which naturopathy can positively impact mental health.

What is naturopathy?


Naturopathy is a holistic approach to well-being that taps into the innate wisdom of the body to heal and rebalance itself while focusing on natural methods and remedies to support the body’s own healing abilities. It emphasises the importance of treating the root cause of health concerns rather than just managing symptoms. Naturopaths utilise various modalities, including nutrition, herbal medicine, lifestyle changes, and functional medicine testing, to promote overall wellbeing

1. Creating a supportive environment for emotional release

One of the fundamental aspects of naturopathy is providing a safe and confidential space for individuals to share their concerns. Confidentiality and trust are essential in establishing a therapeutic relationship between the naturopath and the individual. By working closely with a naturopath, individuals feel comfortable expressing and releasing emotions and concerns. This process is cathartic, prompting and allowing for energy shifts and contributing to improved mental well-being.

2. Nutritional support for optimal mental health

The connection between nutrition and mental health is well-established. Naturopathy recognises the importance of nutrients in regulating various biochemical pathways in the body that influence mental well-being. Through targeted testing, and looking for symptomatic clues, naturopaths can identify imbalances in these pathways and recommend specific nutritional interventions. For example, certain nutrients like B vitamins, fish oils, magnesium, and others have been found to positively impact mental health4. Incorporating these nutrients through diet or supplements can support overall mental well-being.

3. Functional pathology tests tailored to mental health

Naturopathy embraces a holistic approach to mental health diagnostics. Naturopaths can order specialised functional pathology tests, such as Organic Acids Tests and comprehensive microbiome tests, which provide valuable insights into an individual’s mental and physical health status. These tests help identify imbalances or deficiencies that may be contributing to mental health issues. By understanding the underlying causes, naturopaths develop targeted treatment plans and personalised interventions to address specific needs and optimise mental well-being.

4. Harnessing the power of herbal remedies

Herbs have long been used for their healing properties in traditional medicine practices. Naturopathy harnesses the power of adaptogenic herbs and tonics to support mental well-being. For example, Passionflower is a gentle herb that is known to offer anxiety-reducing effects and promote relaxation. Naturopaths recommend specific herbal remedies tailored to an individual’s needs, providing a natural and gentle approach to mental health support. These herbs help support symptoms of anxiety, mood and stress, promoting a sense of calm and balance.

5. Lifestyle changes for sustainable mental well-being

Naturopathy recognises that mental health is not solely dependent on nutrition or supplementation. It encompasses an individual’s entire lifestyle. Naturopaths provide guidance and support for making positive lifestyle changes that promote mental wellbeing practices like grounding, mindfulness and stress management techniques. Introducing concepts such as self-care and self-compassion all form part of the holistic approach to mental health care. By incorporating these practices into daily life, individuals cultivate sustainable habits that support their overall mental well-being.

At Saltuary, we believe in blending ancient wisdom with modern knowledge, using traditional herbal medicine and nutrition as the foundation for creating personalised treatment plans. Whether you’re dealing with mental health issues, reproductive concerns, fatigue, or digestive troubles, our Naturopath will work closely with you, drawing upon their qualifications and training to provide comprehensive care.

Everyone is different and our goal is to support, guide, educate, and inspire you on your path to optimal health and well-being with a tailored approach that’s right for you. From creating a safe space to optimising nutrition, utilising functional pathology tests, incorporating herbal remedies, and fostering positive lifestyle changes, naturopathy provides a range of effective strategies.

Embrace naturopathic principles by working closely with a qualified practitioner at Saltuary. Take control of your mental health and embark on a journey towards greater balance and well-being.

Remember, always consult with a qualified naturopath or healthcare practitioner before making any significant changes to your mental health care regimen.

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