Mens Health Week

May 15, 2015

Why Men Need Natural Therapies

Did you know that Australian men have only just clocked up a life expectancy of 80+ years? Australia women on the other hand, hit this milestone back in 1990. This, to me at least, says a lot about the state of our health, and even more so, how the different sexes take care of that most precious commodity, our health.

Men suffer the same health issues that women do – albeit on our differing organs of course, e.g. men with their prostate issues, women with ovarian issues as an example. Aside form our obvious physical differences, we all do suffer from things such as stress, infertility, weight issues and other every day things such as colds, flu and digestive disturbances to name but a few.

I do believe that times are a’changing though. Men seem to be discussing their health problems more openly these days, and of course with the rise of the metrosexuals, who definitely are not afraid to take care of themselves, its thankfully getting somewhat ‘cool’ to keep your health in good shape!

Men can benefit from complimentary therapies in a huge myriad of ways. Physical therapies like massage and one of our favourites, floatation therapy, do wonders for hard working minds, muscles and bodies. There are many herbal medicines and supplements that can help men with everything from general wellbeing through to stress and healthy ageing and more.

Some general principles to follow include:

– Eating a rainbow of fruit and veg daily

– Eating some good quality lean protein at most meals. Aim for roughly a palm sized portion for animal proteins like fish, or 1.5 palm sizes for vegie proteins such as tempeh

– Drinking pure alkaline water daily – somewhere between 1.5 – 3 litres daily, depending on your size

– Movement. This doesnt have to be the gym – it can be walking, yoga, bike riding, rumbling with the kids / nephews / nieces, sex … whatever moves your body and breath really!

– Laughter! Social connection..

Some great nutrients to include in your daily diet include antioxidants in the way of fresh, preferably organic fruit and veg and things like green tea. Antioxidants help to clean up / repair the body. Health promoting ‘good’ oils from sustainably sourced fish or fish oils are great for general wellbeing and are beneficial for the brain and nervous system too. A good herbal tonic never goes astray either.. I’m happy to make herbal tonics for people in house if you’re interested in those. Herbal tonics are a great way to stay on top of your health. Herbal tonics can be used to treat stress, infertility, lowered immunity, gut problems and many other ailments. They can also be used to help boost things like cognitive function, to aid detoxification, to decrease anxiety, help to balance hormones, clear up skin problems and even to help you sleep better. You simply need to find yourself a trained herbalist to mix them up for you in the correct doses. As I said, I am happy to do this for people at Saltuary!

If there are any niggling concerns that have been bothering you – come on in and talk to us, I’m sure we can help. Remember, your health really is your wealth – don’t let it slip away. Take preventative measures today, because its not just women ‘who are worth it’!

… tiina..


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