Manuka Honey – a potent antibiotic

January 9, 2018

Which honey to buy?

Honey is not only yummy, it can provide many health benefits. However, you need to be fussy when it comes to what type of honey you purchase, as not all honeys are created equal. For your normal everyday use, opt for raw, unprocessed honey. Your standard honey on the supermarket shelves has little health benefit as it has been heat treated in most cases. If you’re looking for some potent health benefits, then Manuka honey is what you need.

Manuka honey is king

‘Manuka’ honey is also known as ‘medicinal honey’ as a result of its many health benefits. True Manuka honey is only made in New Zealand, but Australia has its own version, known colloquially as Jellybush, or Jarrah. Both are graded according to the medicinal value, the higher the number, the greater its healing benefit. We stock both at Saltuary, along with organic raw honey.

Manuka honey is powerful. Tests shown to kill almost every bacteria and pathogen and what’s more, they are not able to build up a resistance to it. Manuka honey acts as an antioxidant, antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, is antibacterial, antiviral, and even wound healing agent (used topically on the skin to heal everything from scratches to bed sores).

Go Mother Nature! It’s definitely one to keep stock in your medicine cabinet at all times.

Antibiotics and bee population

This is in vast contrast to the growing problem of antibiotic resistance that we are experiencing today. Antibiotic resistance means that the bacteria we are trying to kill off with antibiotics is becoming resistant to it due to our overuse of them. This is problematic, as when we really need them, they may no longer work. It’s becoming a simple fact of modern day life that many of our last resort antibiotics are now failing against what we term ‘superbugs’.

The widespread use of antibiotics in our food chain from conventionally / factory farmed animal produce is only compounding this problem. We pump these animals chock full of antibiotics. It’s routinely put into their food supply due to the massive amounts of infections due to the stressful, unhealthy and crowded living conditions. When we ingest this produce, we ingest these antibiotics. Simple as that. You can avoid this problem by choosing Pasteur raised, organic animal produce only.

The worlds bee population is in trouble and this will have a great effect on humans. Bees are critical to our food chain and they do way more than just produce honey, they are our pollinators. Products like RoundUp are incredibly toxic to all of us, including our bees. The overuse of these type of chemicals are killing the bees. Everyone can play their part by stopping the use of these types of chemicals.

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