Invest in your Health

January 29, 2017
Invest in your Health

Health goals 2017

Last month we talked about setting health goals for 2017. How are you tracking?

As we discussed, setting the goals is the easy part and we start with confidence, enthusiasm and energy. What tends to happen next is that we start to get busy, our New Year resolution priorities start to flip upside down and we get caught up in the day to day noise. This leaves no time for what we decided in January were our biggest priorities for the year.

Most of us have heard or watched a video on the rocks, pebbles and sand analogy. In summary, you need to work on your big rocks first (your priorities) and the pebbles and sand will work itself out. Watch the video below to help explain this concept……

Health as a priority

“Did you know that approximately 85% of people list good health as one of their top priorities”?

Given this statistic, you would imagine that people would invest both time and money towards this very important aspect of their life. However, this is not normally the case for most of us and therefore we need strategies and a mindset change to turn this around. Do the following comments ring true for you:

“I’m too busy to look after myself”

Result – You won’t be able to look after yourself later on…..

“It’s too expensive to look after yourself”

Result – you won’t be able to afford to look yourself after all your medical bills later in life…..

If you don’t take the time to look after yourself now, you will significantly decrease your chances of looking after yourself in older age (this should be the norm) and increase your chances of using all your savings on medical care, especially with the unknown future of medicare.

The following ageing well chart demonstrates what I mean about choosing your path of ageing. Do you invest now or…..

Invest in your health and watch it grow

We all invest in our education, training, career and our finances. But what does any of this really matter if you are too sick to enjoy it later on and even just not feeling good today!

Investing in your health is much like growing a property of share portfolio. You need to get started by investing some of your savings (deposit) and adding to the investment over time. Your portfolio grows and if done correctly you have wealth (whatever that means to you). With health and wellness, you start by investing now and continue to maintain your health through constant learning and action.

Small things can be done to improve your health each and everyday, which we discuss in our posts  on the 7 Wellness Habits. Simple things like breathing correctly, drinking good pure water, movement, simple good eating, relaxation, mindfulness and social connection are all things that can be done each day without too much change to your existing habits.

If you need a bigger kickstart (bigger investment deposit up front), a dedicated program and some quality advice from a professional therapist might be the best option to begin your health investment.

If you want some advice on where to start, book in for a Free Health Chat with our Head Practitioner today.

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May the health be with you……. always

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