How Epsom salts enhance your life!

January 8, 2014

Epsom salt is not technically a ‘salt’ but rather a mineral compound consisting of magnesium and sulphur.

Magnesium is the second most abundant element in our body and regulates the activity of over 300 enzymes. It is essential for muscle and nerve function as well as our ability to transmit electrical impulses throughout our bodies. It is critical for our ability to utilise calcium – where calcium ‘contracts’, ‘magnesium’ relaxes. It also plays a vital role in manufacturing energy – great for anyone suffering from fatigue.

Magnesium is depleted by stress. It’s dubbed the ‘anti stress mineral’ for it’s ability to chill us out and to relieve muscle aches and cramps. A cramp is one way of your body telling you ‘hey buddy, I aint got enough magnesium in here!’…. aaaahhhh, magnesium anyone?

Sulphur on the other hand, helps with nutrient absorption and detoxification. It helps build healthy joints, skin and nervous system tissue.

Our skin is a highly porous membrane that allows toxins to be excreted and allows minerals to be absorbed. Soaking in an Epsom salt bath invokes a process known as ‘reverse osmosis’. This means it stimulates toxins to be pulled out, and allows essential minerals like magnesium and sulphur in. Magnesium is readily absorbed via our skin, making an Epsom salt bath a very easy way to replenish your magnesium stores! Also, if I may say – our float contains over 500kg’s of the stuff, which makes floating at Saltuary a tremendously excellent way of replenishing your stores! 🙂

Magnesium deficiency can lead to numerous health complaints including heart problems, sleeping problems, tremors, inability to cope with stress, etc.

It’s not just good for your health, the following are some other great uses for Epsom salts:

– Put some in your garden, especially under tomato plants and rose bushes to enhance growth

– As a tile and grout cleaner

– To deter slugs in your garden

– To put in kids baths to relax them and help them sleep better

At Saltuary, we use only gold standard Epsom salt in our float room. We package up the same for you to take home! It’ll set you back $9.50 for a kilo – much easier to carry home than our entire float!

With love.. Tiina xx

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