Health tests take out the guess work

February 7, 2018

Did you know that we can order a vast amount of health tests and devise treatment plans around these?

Testing is a sure way to take out the guess work of a health concern, or simply to optimise your health with truly preventative healthcare. So many people struggle with gut health for example, and spend years searching for answers trying this supplement or that diet, spending oodles of unfulfilling money, time and energy along the way..

Ordering a health test may seem expensive at first, but when you take into account the cost of your time, energy and all the previous money you’ve spent trying to find answers, it really makes economic sense. Health really is your only true wealth after all right!

Some of the tests we can organise for you include:

Cholesterol concerns

If you treat cholesterol from knowing only your LDL and your HDL count, you may be doing more harm than good to your body. In understanding your cardiovascular risk, you need to know a lot more than just your LDL number. Your LDLs can (and should) be broken down further for a true analysis. LDL’s have sub fractions, some of which can act protectively for you, so find out all the facts before embarking on any treatment. You can also measure ‘oxidised’ LDLs. These are akin to rusted LDLs, and these guys are not so great..

There are many more cardiovascular tests that we can run for those concerned about this area of health.

Tummy / digestive troubles

A CDSA, or ‘complete digestive stool analysis’ is a fantastic way to understand intimately, the lay of the land in your entire gut. CDSA’s are incredibly comprehensive and look at what might be out of balance in your gut, so that we can begin the process of correcting it. The results will show the balance of your good bacteria, the pH levels of your gut and if you have yeasts or parasites present. This then allows your practitioner to determine what sort of treatment will be successful against these issues. There are varying levels of CDSAs that you can undertake depending on what you need to know. Our Naturopath runs this test a lot with clients to gather some great insights into what is going on inside. This information allows for a more thorough treatment plan to be developed, leading to better results.

Heavy metal concerns

Heavy metals are such a common and often undiagnosed problem in our society today. We breathe them in, drink them from our tap water, bathe in them, eat them in our foods and use them in our personal care products. When someone is doing everything right by way of diet, exercise etc, but just not getting anywhere, heavy metals may be part of the cause. These can be tested in various ways including hair tissue mineral analysis, or by way of urine.

Hormone troubles

There are a large amount of hormone tests that can be done to ascertain levels. One of the most comprehensive is a 21 day saliva collection, which then gives an account of the dance of all the different hormones from this period of many weeks.

There are so many more health tests that can be done. Some of which include:

  • Allergies
  • Nutritional status
  • Mould Concerns
  • Candida
  • Leaky Gut
  • Pyrrole, etc.

These are all organised through our Naturopath primarily, or if you see another of our Practitioners in house, ask them to refer you onto Tiina for a chat. Tiina undertakes one on one, private consultations, and is covered by private health funds. She is attending a conference by the Institute of Functional Medicine this month, as well as a Cardiovascular Disease seminar by Dr Ross Walker. She attends many other events throughout the year to bring amazing new information to Saltuary.


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