Could you have Pyrrole Disorder?

March 1, 2017

Pyrrole Disorder is a relatively unknown condition, despite how many people would be suffering with it. It affects around 10% of the population, and in those suffering with other mental health issues, including schizophrenia, the prevalence is even higher. If we think of this is terms of the average classroom at school, thats 2 – 3 kids suffering with it, and often without anyone knowing.

Pyrrole Disorder comes with many symptoms, mostly related to behavioural issues and digestive complaints. These include:

– Mood swings, resulting in sudden, explosive anger and depression
– Inability to cope with stress (in both adults and children)
– Digestive complaints (irritable bowel, constipation, diarrhoea, re-occurring sore tummy)
– Sensitivity to bright lights, sounds and smells
– Inability to efficiently secrete serotonin (dubbed our ‘happy’ hormone, but involved in SO much more than that alone!)
– Sweet, fruity breath and body odour
– Motion sickness
– Insomnia + hyperactivity

If we think about the number of kids that are medicated for things like ADHD, bipolar etc – it’s worthwhile to test for Pyrrole, because many of the above symptoms can be seen as ‘bad or disruptive behaviour’, yet it may be a case of untreated Pyrrole – which is treatable with common nutrients instead of heavy duty medications which can have severe side effects.

Pyrrole disorder can also commonly lead to:

– Learning difficulties, including auditory processing disorder (making it difficult to process what you should be listening to in noisy environments – eg: a teacher in a classroom)
– Mid-morning nausea
– Not hungry for breakfast in the morning
– White spots on nails (common in zinc deficiency)
– Stretch marks (again, common in zinc deficiency)
– Anxiety, depression and pessimism
– Joint pain

Pyrrole disorder affects both adults and children alike. Generally symptoms are more severe in children, as adults tend to have developed better coping mechanisms with regards to how to manage their stress.

Pyrrole results from a blood disorder that causes dramatic zinc and B6 deficiency. Treatment of course, involves getting the balance of these nutrients corrected, and any others that may be out of whack alongside. Treatment is usually long term, and often requires time to work out the correct dosage – it definitely is not a simple case of giving these nutrients and kissing Pyrrole goodbye. Each person requires an individual dose of these nutrients, and levels may need changing at times of increased stress, for example. Other nutrients, including magnesium, beneficial oils (including fish oils and evening primrose) and antioxidants are usually part of treatment also. Things like melatonin may be used to help with sleep, as this is often a cause of concern for sufferers. Many herbal medicines can be of amazing benefit with regards to the myriad of symptoms that present in sufferers.

Treatment can be nothing short of life changing for the sufferer and their families. Testing for Pyrrole Disorder involves a simple urine test – something that can be arranged through us at Saltuary. From here, depending on levels, a nutritional supplementation plan can be devised.

If you think you may be suffering from this, or someone in your family may be, book in to see me – lets get the test done and arrange any necessary treatment from there.

With luv.. tiina xx

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