Chronic Pain? How we can help..

January 9, 2018

Everyone suffers from pain at some point in time. Pain is helpful as a warning system to let you know that something isn’t quite right. When pain becomes chronic and is a persistent part of your life, you have to do something about it.

At Saltuary, we have many ways we can help with pain. Here are 6 things we can do to help you:

1. Magnesium

Magnesium is a mineral that allows things to ‘relax’. Where calcium contracts, magnesium relaxes. With pain, there is generally a lot of muscle spasm, which magnesium can help to subside and settle. We stock magnesium in various forms. We have magnesium rich creams which you simply rub onto the skin to replenish and buffer up your body’s magnesium stores.  Creams are especially great for those with suboptimal gut health, as the absorption of these works very well via the skin. The creams are also great for those who have specific areas that are in pain as they can be applied directly to the affected area (eg lower back, neck). We also carry magnesium flakes such as Epsom salts for you to use in baths, or foot baths. Again, absorption works well this way, and is a very relaxing way to buffer up magnesium levels whilst relaxing in a bath or enjoying a foot soak. We also carry a wide range of internal magnesium supplements. These are all focused on boosting magnesium levels, and are specifically geared towards particular concerns – eg: stress, hormone health, energy etc. Come in and talk to us about your needs.

2. Infrared sauna

Infrared saunas are well renowned for pain relief. The gentle heat of an infrared sauna stimulates blood flow, taking fresh nutrients and oxygen rich blood to areas that need it, whilst taking away waste products, helping to rehabilitate painful areas and stimulate muscle recovery. The gentle heat of infrared can help to reduce lactic acid build up too. Pain relief is one of the biggest reasons people seek out infrared saunas. Infrared heat helps to dilate peripheral blood vessels, which brings healing and relief to soft tissue injuries and muscles.

3. Float therapy

In our float rooms, you will be quite literally floating in 100’s of kilos of magnesium rich Epsom salt – and for the benefits of magnesium, go back to point 1! Floating is well known to help with pain. In fact there is a worldwide project that has been studying it for a long time called The Fibromyalgia Project. As one of our chronic pain clients put it – “that’s like a miracle bath in there”.. Our float rooms are essentially ‘gravity free’ spaces, where you don’t have anything pulling on your muscles. Having so much salt in the float means that every single muscle fibre is able to switch off and focus on relaxation, recovery and healing as there is nothing that your muscles need to do. You are 100% supported by the salt – no muscular expenditure needed!

4. Massage

Massage can be incredibly beneficial for pain relief. The therapist uses various techniques to knead out knots or strung out muscles in order to find pain relief. Our well loved therapist Mansi, has recently completed his Masters in Exercise Physiology. This will be claimable under Medicare with a referral from your GP. Massage can be deep or soft and can still give enormous benefit to the body. We love that our clients do not see massage as simply a ‘luxury’, but something that helps to keep them healthy as part of their wellness strategy.

5. Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine. 

There are many herbs that can help to decrease inflammation, which is often found at the site of pain. Herbs like Turmeric and Boswellia are 2 fantastic examples, both of which we stock in various forms at Saltuary. When it comes to herbs, there is a certain quality you need to look for. Turmeric, as an example, is something many people use in the kitchen, and whilst this is fantastic, its most likely not going to be enough if you are suffering from pain. ‘Curcuminoids’ are the part of the turmeric with the potent anti inflammatory effect, so when shopping for supplements, this is what you need to look for and compare. We have various strengths of turmeric at Saltuary, come in and see us if you are interested in this. Boswellia is another herb that’s been loved since antiquity. It is also a potent inflammation fighter, helping to reduce inflammation in various body tissues, and acting towards modifying osteoarthritic disease, helping with pain and slowing disease progression. Our Naturopath is a trained herbalist and is able to help with individual prescriptions.

6. Chiropractic. 

All too often the originating area of our pain is not where the symptoms show up. It can be a case of blocked energy or blood supply, or even a case of stressful events such as physical trauma or emotional stress simply shutting down areas of our body, where pain can eventually manifest. Chiropractic works to give the body’s information superhighway (the spinal column and nervous system) a clear route all around the body. This allows messages and information to be transmitted throughout the body to help stimulate healing.

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