A holistic approach to health

October 7, 2016

Saltuary’s philosophy has always been underpinned by the idea of a holistic approach to health and wellbeing whilst treating you as “whole person” and honouring the idea that you are not merely a collection of separate parts, but rather a unique individual with personalised needs.

We have constantly strived to be the go-to health partner for the community in offering a range of complementary and comprehensive natural therapies. In order to assist people in all walks of life to achieve greater health and wellbeing, we have continuously added a range of proven and quality therapies to our service offerings.

With so many therapies on offer, how do you choose where to start? The answer – with our Health and Wellness Check!

 What does the Health and Wellness Check involve?

The Health and Wellness Check is undertaken by Saltuary Founder and Head Naturopath, Tiina Hogg. It’s an opportunity for you to sit down together and discuss your most pressing health problems, along with your overall outcomes and health goals.

Together with Tiina, you will ascertain what the most important aspects of treatment are, working out a structured plan on how to achieve those, to arrive at your overall health goal.

Our Health and Wellness Check will provide you with a recommended pathway to address your concerns and achieve your goals, based on a tailored treatment plan and a schedule of the various therapies offered at Saltuary.

The Health and Wellness Check costs $20.

 Why should I have a Health and Wellness Check?

The Health and Wellness Check underpins our holistic approach to health. It considers the complete person (you!) in the management and prevention of illness, underpinned by the concept that our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health are inextricably interlinked.

A holistic approach treats symptoms while looking for the underlying causes of such symptoms. Our Health and Wellness Check aims to do just that – identify the deeper root of a health problem and treat the cause, not the symptom. This creates long-lasting change and restoration for our patients, rather than relying on “band-aid” solutions.

 Is the Health and Wellness Check for me?

Do you want to improve your health and wellbeing on every level? If the answer is “yes”, then the Health and Wellness Check is for you! Whether you suffer from a chronic or acute problem, or are looking to optimise and enhance your health and wellbeing, our Health and Wellness Check can help. If you want to maintain your health to ensure you continue to function at your optimum, the Health and Wellness Check will aid in identifying the best therapies you can use to achieve your goals.

Book today!

A quick health check is your best option to improve your overall health and wellbeing, especially if you aren’t sure where to start, or how our therapies can benefit you.

To book in for a Health and Wellness Check, either call us on (02) 9713 8688 or check the appointment schedule and book online, or via our app. To find our app, simply search ‘saltuary’ in the app store, or google play


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