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Want glowing skin.. here's how..

Glowing skin is birthed from within. Topical creams & lotions definitely have their role, but the real root of glowing, healthy skin lies within your gut. Healthy skin is attainable - it's simply another organ, ...

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Workplace ergonomics & Sympathetic Dominance

According to the 2012 Australian Health Survey, adults in Australia spend on average 39 hours per week sedentary, with close to 10 of these hours sitting down at work. People working in administration, clerical and ...

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“Im 36 weeks pregnant and have just completed my 3rd float session. I would recommend this treatment to all pregnant women. I find its a great way to bond with baby & reflect on my pregnancy and visualise the wonderful times ahead. The room is wonderfully zen like and staff are very friendly.”
user Bozana