Saltuary’s 7 Wellness Habits – Breathing

January 4, 2017

Given that we instinctively took our first breath at birth, most of us take breathing for granted. Many of us don’t breathe correctly but with a simple few tips, you can master the art of breathing. Breathing is one of ‘Saltuary’s 7 Wellness Habits’ and one that plays a critical role in your overall health and wellbeing. Most cultural healing traditions place an emphasis on the breath. In Ayurveda for example, it is said that the breath brings the life force, or prana, into the body to regulate the flow of vitality around the whole body.

Deep Breathing

A very simple daily habit is to take long slow deep breaths throughout the day. This will provide extra oxygen to your body and brain, and also reduces stress. Set a timer on your phone or simply when you look at your watch / stand at the bus stop / get your morning coffee / visit the bathroom / etc, stop and take some deep breaths. Link another of your day’s habits to the habit of breathing and when you find yourself doing that, you’ll start to focus on breathing deeply then too. Overtime, this habit will overflow and work itself into more of your days routine.

Yoga and meditation are great ways to learn the art of deep breathing. Yoga and meditation have a strong focus on connecting with your breath, leaving you focused and calm whilst being more mindful – bonus right! You can book a meditation or yoga class, or there are a number of Apps that you can use, including one called Headspace.

Clean Pure Air

There are a number of pollutants and toxins in our air (both in the home and outside). Since we spend a lot of time in the home and workplace, it is important that you reduce air borne toxins wherever possible. It’s estimated that inside air is 2.5 times more polluted than outside air. Some preventative methods include the use of plants and salt lamps around your home to reduce air pollutants. You can also use 100% natural and non toxic cleaning products, filtered shower heads and non-toxic cookware. We believe this is a very often overlooked part of our daily wellbeing, and is the reason we choose to stock all these products at Saltuary. 

When time permits, get yourself to national parks and to the beach to breathe in some of Mother Nature’s O2. Thus of course benefits more than simply your breathing. ‘Forest bathing’ is all about getting out there amongst the trees and bathing it all in!

Detox Lungs

To ensure that your lungs are operating at their optimum level, it is important that they are free of mucous and toxins. Deep breathing and getting access to clean pure air are key to maintaining clean lungs. When your lungs need a little additional help, salt therapy is a great way to cleanse your entire respiratory system to help get over colds and sinus issues, as well as enhance respiratory function. 

There are many great nutritional supplements and herbal medicines to help your lung and respiratory health. N-acetyl-cysteine, commonly known as ‘NAC’ is one example.  NAC helps the body to clear excess mucous. Other therapies that can vastly help to boost respiratory function include Acupuncture, Chiropractic and Massage. Mark, our Chiropractor, essentially frees up peoples locked up ribs, enabling them to instantly take deeper, better breaths, which decreases the body’s stress response instantaneously. Breathing well, and thus getting good amounts of oxygen throughout the body are a large focus of the treatment that Mark, our Chiropractor does with us. 


Exercise is an important way to increase your lung capacity, increasing your ability to generate oxygen for your body and brain. Although a walk or some form of gentle exercise is great, you will need to get your lungs really pumping to increase your respiratory performance. However, any exercise that includes conscious deep breathing (yoga, walking, meditation etc) will provide considerable health benefits.

If you have any questions related to any of our services that may help with your breathing, please call us on 9713 8688, email us at or browse our website for more information

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