Salt therapy for middle ear infections..

January 25, 2013

have seen first hand, how effective salt therapy is for middle ear infections in kids. Our 4 year old had an undiagnosed one, which lingered and flared up and down continuously throughout his first year of preschool. His speech was fine and always had been, but he seemed glum and had lost his mojo – my little boy just wasn’t quite the boy he normally was.

I had his ears (and general health) checked often. His general health was usually fine, and mostly his ears were diagnosed as perfectly fine too. abhibus coupons Sometimes there was a little fluid in them, though nothing to worry about I was told. He rarely complained of his ears hurting, but seemed to have developed selective hearing, though only on the odd day here and there. Occaisonally he would talk of a ‘buzzing’ or ‘popping’ noise he could hear, which the rest of us could not (obviously the trapped mucous bubbling away in his ear). One thing he hated, which in hindsight I can completely understand, was putting his head under water. Infected ears have enough pressure in them without adding more by way of extra water.

Over those months, I treated him with all manner of things. Naturopathically, I boosted his immune system with everything at my disposal. I used probiotics, herbal medicine, vitamins, minerals, tissue salts etc. All of which would see the return of most of his mojo – only for it to completely disappear again over the following weeks after finishing treatment. It wasn’t until I took him to a hearing test that the audiologist suggested that his results were indicative of a middle ear infection, or glue ear as it’s often referred to. I was firmly told that audiologists do not diagnose (just so you’re sure as well!), but for me, that was enough of a ‘diagnosis’ to justify an intensive course of salt therapy sessions to see if it would help.

We had already been doing random salt sessions here and there, mostly with the intention of boosting his immunity, but I increased these to every couple of days. He had around 10 sessions in 3 weeks.

I won’t ever forget the moment (after our 6th session) when I heard his hearty belly laugh come flooding in from the back yard – it brings a smile to my face just writing about it! My husband and I looked at each other with absolute glee knowing that our boy’s mojo was COMPLETELY BACK! Yeeehaaaa!

I possibly could have stopped at session number 6, but I felt more comfortable going for a few more – kind of an insurance policy to ensure that it really and truly had disappeared. We’d been troubled on and off for months so a few more sessions for absolute peace of mind were nothing but a welcome relief. In those last few sessions, my boy kept telling me that he felt great and that we didn’t need to go for more sessions – I have to admit, his mojo was seriously back too, but mums (generally!) have the last word though huh?

After many months of trying all manner of things, the salt therapy had managed to completely dry up the troubling, trapped mucous from within his ear. The salt would also have killed off any lingering infection due to its antibacterial nature. The naturopathic medicines I’d had him on should have killed off any infection too, but as the mucous hadn’t been completely drained and dried, it’d leave behind an opportunistic environment for whatever other bugs were lurking and waiting for him at preschool – and the merry go round continued! Not much can be done about quietly lurking bugs, and in fact – they are good. Kids immune systems learn that way.

I understand that being the owner of a (soon to be opened!) salt room, people would expect nothing less than a positive testimonial on it. As a mum to a little boy though, I honestly and wholeheartedly offer my own experience in the hope that it may help others whose children are suffering similarly vague symptoms and more importantly, a serious loss of mojo! Salt therapy is a non invasive, natural treatment, and most importantly, it’s fun for kids – they love playing in a salty adventure playground!

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending salt therapy for kids with middle ear infections. For my family, the results were dramatic in a very positive way.

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