Practitioner In Focus – Gillian Allport, Chiropractor

March 9, 2018

Gillian Allport, a Chiropractor, Is the latest addition to our team!

As a child, Gillian experienced numerous health challenges which her parents chose to treat with Chiropractic and Naturopathic care. She experienced such profound results, that years later, as an adult, she decided to study and become a Chiropractor herself!

Since earning her Masters, Gillian has been in practice for 15 years. Choosing not to specialise in any specific area, she aims simply to “optimise the health of every single person I see”!

She has travelled the world and has spent time working as a Chiropractor in both Mexico and Spain. If anyone out there is in need of a Spanish speaking Chiropractor – Gillian’s your girl! She’s still fluent in translating everything ‘Chiropractic’ into Spanish!

Outside of her life as a Chiropractor, Gillian is a major fan of the outdoors. She has recently relocated back to Sydney from her hobby farm up on the North Coast of NSW, where she had horses, dogs, chooks etc. She still has 2 brumbies and loves to ride.

Gillian is a big believer in gearing her treatments to the individual and uses a variety of different techniques that is tailored for the individuals requirements. She treats people of all ages.

Gillian is a very upbeat and positive person.. the only gripe that we’ve managed to get out of her is that she can’t adjust her own body! “..but I know a lot of others Chiropractors so it’s not really a problem!“..

Saltuary Wellness Talk

She is teaming up with Tiina Hogg, our Founder and Naturopath for our next community Wellness Talks event. Together, they’ll be talking about Functional Medicine. Gillian recently attended a 3 day course on this, with relation to the nervous system, specifically on treating imbalances of this. Tiina recently attended a week long course on the subject, covering topics such as hormones, immune imbalances, cardiometabolic conditions and more. The evening will cost you a gold coin donation (or more!) to one of our favourite charities ( and it’ll run from 6 – 7pm on Wednesday 18th of April.


To book in to see Gillian, or for our Wellness Talks event, call us on 9713 8688, or book in online at our website. She is with us every Tuesday and Friday and is covered by private health funds.


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