Floating for Sports People

July 5, 2015

Floatation therapy is a great tool for sports people. Whether it’s to speed up muscle recovery from a game or to enhance visualisation of winning the event, it can potently enhance all aspects of your performance.

Floating in a nut shell consists of laying in a big warm bath, heated to skin temperature, filled with hundreds of kilos of salt. In Saltuary’s case, this is ‘Epsom’ salt – a salt very rich in magnesium. I’m going to guess, that most athletes – probably even the weekend warriors out there! – know that magnesium is great for muscles. Amongst it’s 300+ functions, magnesium allows muscles to relax and recover quickly, it facilitates glucose metabolism & improves insulin sensitivity.

The densely saturated salty water in our float room allows the body absolute and complete rest. It’s an environment of weightlessness, so there’s no gravity pulling down upon anything in the body – you are completely supported and held up by the water. 1 hour in our float room, gives you the restorative effects of 4 hours of sleep – drastically speeding up the process of recovery and kissing fatigue goodbye!

Research shows that floating also measurably reduces blood pressure and heart rate whilst lowering the levels of stress related chemicals in the body. Old injuries and aches (eg backache) experience relief as floating benefits blood circulation. It can also boost your immune system, is a wonderful aid for stress (both physical and mental) and for athletes in particular, can help with lactic acid problems post event or training.

The benefits of this therapy are cumulative, so the more you do it, the more you benefit. Plenty of professional athletes around the world utilise this therapy with impressive results for more than just their muscles. The Australian Institute of Sports use it as a part of their training regimes as well.

Floating helps to induce a deep sense of relaxation, a state that richly produces theta brain waves. Being in a ‘theta’ state, you are very open to suggestion, which is where the visualisation side of things comes into play. With your mind being very open to suggestion and new ideas in such a state, it’s a perfect way to deeply imbed images of winning that race, scoring the winning goal etc. Being in such a relaxed state also helps to produce endorphins in the body, and I think we can all vouch for the fact that ‘when you feel good, everything just works and flows better in the body’, right?

Floating of course is not just for sports people, it benefits everyone from HSC students to pregnant women, parents, stressed executives – all of us, whatever you do and wherever you are in this journey of life! Saltuary offers introductory packs of 3 floatation therapy sessions for just $145. This is an amazing way to really feel the vast benefits of floating. Give us a call today to book in! You wont regret it.. 🙂

In floating bliss.. tiina xx


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