Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps

December 6, 2014

Himalayan salt lamps don’t just have good looks, they have some health benefits as well……


Air purification / Allergy Symptoms / Asthma / Hay fever: A salt lamp will help keep the air around you clean, naturally ionised and purified, for this reason they are useful remedies for easing asthma and hay fever.

 Depression: The salt naturally emits negative ions that help to boost serotonin exerting a positive effect on mood, therefore being useful for those suffering depression.

Beside electronics / in the office: Sitting in front of a computer or TV we are bombarded with electromagnetic frequencies. When we watch TV or work at our computer we are exposed to frequencies that vibrate 20 times faster than that of our brain. The result is a lack of concentration, nervousness and insomnia. Salt lamps bind the excessive positive ions with their negative ions. They help to neutralise the electro-smog in the room, the mood enhancing properties of the salt help balance the effects of stress and fatigue improving concentration in the workplace.

Children’s Bedroom: Tests on hyperactive children with concentration and sleeping disorders (ADHD symptoms) have shown that using salt lamps drastically reduces their symptoms in a week. When the lamps were removed, their symptoms returned.

Feng Shui: A few lamps placed at strategic spots will enhance the energy and purify the air. They are aesthetically pleasing to look at.

Meditation: When you repose in peace and quiet, a salt lamp near you is known to enhance your meditative experience.

Smokers: A few lamps around smoky areas will purify the air.

Salt Lamp / Candle Care

Salt lamps are made of pure Himalayan salt so please keep them dry to prevent degrading. Salt naturally absorb some moisture from the air so to help care for your lamp it is best to leave it turned on as long as possible, the heat prevents the lamp from absorbing too much moisture. This is especially useful on hot/humid days.

Because salt absorbs moisture you may find a small salty puddle at the bottom of your lamp/candle, this is normal and due to salts ability to absorb moisture. We recommend a small saucer underneath candles for this reason. If your lamp/candle does become very wet simply dry with it with a hair dryer.

The lamps need to be turned on to emit negative ions, if it is not turned on you will not receive the benefits.

The lamps take 15 Watt pilot lights, which are available to purchase from supermarkets and other retailers.

Enjoy your Himalayan salt Lamp!

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