Fascinating and free talk on Chinese Medicine – The Elements of Life.

Practicing acupuncture for over 20 years has given Lisa an amazing understanding of the body, it’s inherent energy pathways, and the capacity of acupuncture to help with a vast array of conditions and imbalances.

‘Chinese Medicine – The Elements of Life’ is a free talk being given by Lisa at Saltuary for anyone interested in the way acupuncture analyses our internal health and what we can do to enhance this.

The philosophy of life at the foundation of Chinese Medicine presents a fascinating view on the connection between the natural world (the macrocosm) and its reflection in our human body and psyche (the microcosm).

It is an elegant and profound paradigm where wellness is achieved and maintained through the subtle balance of the elements within our physical body and in our ways of being so they exist in harmony with our environment.

In this free talk, Lisa will explore these elements of ‘life’ and give you some practical experience of some of the diagnostic tools that she uses to assess your internal landscape. You’ll be analysing your own pulse and tongue and have the opportunity to discuss this with Lisa in a fun and relaxed environment.

Space is limited so bookings are required. It will be held in our Himalayan Salt Room on Wednesday 25th February at 5.15 – 6pm. Bookings on 02 9713 8688 or by emailing info@saltuary.com.au