What are your 2017 Health Goals?

Most people want to live a healthier lifestyle? Unfortunately, this is difficult for many people to achieve. It’s difficult to will yourself to eat better, get more exercise and do more health-conscious activities. Most people adopt a “change everything in my life at once” strategy that rarely works in our already full and busy lives.

If you’re like most people, you start each year with a shopping-list of ways to improve yourself. So what usually happens? By March, you’ve given up on these goals and you’re left with that same desire to live a healthier lifestyle.

‘Most people overestimate how much they can achieve in one day or one week, but underestimate what they can achieve in one year or three.’

Habits are the key to successfully making PERMANENT change in your life. Understanding habits is fundamental in making any change in your life and there are many good books out there (search Amazon) that deal with habits. If you don’t want to fall into the March trap (giving up), try to work on your habit muscle of introducing one thing at a time rather than following the “all-or-nothing” mindset. After a couple of months of introducing just few key habits, you will start to feel great and have more energy. Once you’ve made one small change a permanent fixture in your world, then tackle another. You’ll feel inspired and be keen to achieve more by your very own achievements!

Ensure that you write these down. Seeing them visually is a powerful tool and potent motivator. Put them somewhere where you will see them daily – consider them your own personal mojo manifesto! I’ve known people to write them on their bathroom mirror to catch a glimpse of them morning and night.

There are many great techniques out there to change habits, but one effective way is to set your yearly goals and break them down into chunks. First set the broad health goals for the year, focused always on the ends or final outcome you’re after. Secondly, look at a quarterly timeframe of which goals you would like to achieve and break these down into sub goals. Lastly, each month, set the monthly action steps to reach those goals and review each week.

Choose some simple steps to achieve first to build up your habit muscle and as you achieve more, the more confidence you will have in achieving the other more complex goals. A good example of a simple goal would be to ensure that you are well hydrated everyday. Another starting point might be to do a program that offers you support. A good example of a goal where you will get help is to do a detox or weight loss program, such as those we offer at Saltuary.

To help you get underway, download the 7 Wellness Habits below to get some inspiration on what wellness habits to start integrating into your life.

Download 7 Wellness Habits

Download 7 Wellness Habits

Health Goals Checklist

Step 1. List your yearly health goals
Step 2. Break your yearly goals into sub goals over the four quarters.
Step 3. Each month list the action steps to achieve the quarterly goals and review weekly.
Step 4. Just take the first step and seek help and guidance to achieve your goals.

May the health be with you……